Mark Zuckerberg - the Founder of Facebook and his Winning Strategies

Most of the time we cherries our passion, hobbies, desires in our dreams. In reality we run for our livings. But today world has experienced an extraordinary example of a 27 years old guy who dares to drive his dream in real life. Are you thinking of someone? Yes you are right. We are talking about the famous face of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. His extreme passion for computers has made him one of the youngest dropout billionaire of the world.

It sounds exciting but the journey from a dropout student to become an entrepreneur must have some strategies leads to success. The story had started from Harvard College where Mark along with his classmates had formed a Facemash for only Harvard students to choose the best looking students of the college. Then gradually the popularity of this effort leads him to form Facebook and initially it gets sprayed from Harvard to different colleges for the communications of students. Now Facebook has 600 million users from all over the world.

Big achievements in short time:

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder & CEO of Facebook and the TIME magazine’s 2010 person of the year says -

It’s not because of the amount of money. For me and my colleagues; the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. Having media corporations owned by conglomerates is not just an attractive idea to me
  He has considered as a 35th richest man of 2010 by Forbes. He had refused the offer of Microsoft for his own created mp3 program in his school life. In 2009 Ben Mezrich has published a book called The Accidental Billionaires and later David Fincher had made a film based on this story named The Social Network (2010).

So if you want to follow the process of his journey you have to know the successful strategies of his story. His success story starts with his secrete strategies that would really help you to understand the perfect passionate potential of yourself.

These short, simple but strong strategies are:

  • Desire to drive your dream:
    There is a well said saying that “Desire is the starting point of all achievements.” With this key concept Mark has converted his fate to fame and fortune. His true desire has opened his dream to make it real. So identification of your desire is the first step to flow your dream.
  • Small idea with big thought:
    Mark has started Facebook as his college project by which students can communicate with each other. This small idea gradually has become a huge platform for the world with his deep thought. This small effort has been converted into a million dollar company by his big thought. So try to execute your small starting to make your thoughts large.
  • Self belief is the best belief:
    Mark had started his Facebook project with his friends and initially he thought to sell it off. But finally he refused to sell it. He knew his own way to make it successful. Now his self belief has proved him right and makes him the CEO of this company. Self belief never leads you to look back in your journey.
  • Pursue your passion for perfection:
    Mark Zuckerberg was pursuing his passion from his very childhood. He invented different computer programs, music players and so on. But day by day he tried to improve his effort towards perfection. Finally his passion is paid off by forming one of the biggest social networking sites. Still he is in the process to achieve more perfection for his site. So never give up your passion.
  • Success comes with struggle:
    No man can achieve his success without hard work and struggle. Likewise Mark also had started his projects with his own small funding instead of big capital. He faced lots of criticism like other entrepreneur. And being a dropout student it was not very easy to achieve his goal. So you have to face struggles by overcoming hurdles to reach success.
  • Courage to compete with giants:
    Mark Zuckerberg also faced a big giant called Google to established Facebook in the heart of internet users. He said -
I guess we could. If you look at how much of our page is taken up with ads compared to the average search query. The average for us is a little less than 10% of the pages and the average for search is about 20% taken up with ads. That’s the simplest thing we could do but we aren’t like that; we make enough money. Right, I mean we are keeping things running; we are growing at the rate we want to.
Sometimes you have to take out your success from giant’s feet.

So this spell bounding story of Mark Zuckerberg would give you the every required element towards success. His steps to success would motivate others to start their own journey to achieve their dreams.
Mark Zuckerberg - the Founder of Facebook and his Winning Strategies Mark Zuckerberg - the Founder of Facebook and his Winning Strategies Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on March 22, 2013 Rating: 5

Indian Blogger Ajith Prasad's Passion for Writing Turned Him a Successful Professional Blogger

Ajith Prasad Edassery, a software engineer by profession has started blogging out of his passion of writing. Among all others blogs that he maintains, DollarShower.com is the most famous and popular. Blogging has been a part of his life which he is carrying out very efficiently with his writing skills. This computer specialist and blogger wishes to abolish religion one day and dreams of a peaceful planet.

Early Life in Blogging

Born and brought up in Kerala, Ajith Prasad is now based at Bangalore and working in one of the topmost software companies of the world. Being a computer programmer he started publishing his own photos and profiles on some free hoisting sites on internet since 1998. It was in 2001 that he registered his own website called AjithPrasad.com. His love for cricket made him to write his first professional blogs on cricket.

And finally in 2008 DollarShower was launched which not only made him earn money online but also marked him as a professional blogger. Thus his passion for writing earned him fame and money. To him writing is a natural thing and so he prefers to write whenever he is in the mood. He likes to make new researches and experiments with coding. Hitting a unique SEO contest in 2009 and earning a four figure income really marked his success in blogging.

His Inspiration to Blogging

Showing off personal stuff and a passion of earning money was the initial inspiration. But later bloggers like Darren Rowse & John Chow and the various web literatures became his inspiration to write blogs. Ajith used to read ProBlogger.net regularly. The monetized content of John Chow impressed him a lot, of which DollarShower is the result.

All about DollarShower

Various tips and ideas on blogging, several SEO techniques and such other online money making ideas are shared in DollarShower. Writing all by himself Ajith has been successful to draw 150 to 200 visitors’ everyday mostly from India and United States. This large number of regular viewers has ranked his site higher in Google.

His Future Plans

Ajith further plans to do in-depth research on topics related to monetization and also to conduct an SEO contest. He dreams to release a couple of WordPress plugins and a public version of his current theme.

His Ideas to Become a Professional Blogger

Ajith believes that if anyone loves to write, it is not impossible for him to build a career as a blogger. But mere intention to earn money by writing will land you nowhere. Spending time regularly on writing some unique contents could undoubtedly bring the success in blogging. Recognition as a blogger depends on the blogging skills and the time spent.

Apart from maintaining the frequency of writing, marketing those write ups is equally important. Better language and quality of the content together with social networking and branding make one professional blogger.

For the beginners, he recommends certain sites like Problogger.net, DailyBlogTips.com, entrepreneurs-journey.com and BloggingTips.com. Though he himself has not gone through any e-book, he highly suggests 31 day blogging challenge by Darren Rowse which would be of a great help to start with blogging.

According to him the best way to make online money from blog is through Google AdSense, Paid reviews, referral links and Private Ad Sales. While going to Text-link-ads would a little risk to rank the page.
In order to earn from blogs, he suggests using Google AdSense, Amazon affiliate scheme, Hoisting schemes’ affiliate links and InLinks with the internal pages.

Putting some extra time to read, write, edit can make up your career as a blogger. Handling a number of drafts, scheduled posts and time for reading and marketing are other things to deal with to become famous.

Marketing Strategies of Ajith Prasad

Earlier to start with, he used Google AdWords, then gradually shifted on blog commenting and participating in forums like Yahoo Answers. But presently social networking sites like Twitter are used for marketing the blogs. According to him the best way of marketing is to choose some blogs of his own area and making relentless comments on those.

Usually he keeps 10 to 12 post ideas in stock. However, he thinks browsing to blogs, subscribing to newsletters and answering the relevant queries of the readers are some of the easiest ways when he is out of any idea to post.

Other Interests besides Blogging

Apart from blogging, cricket, cooking and trading in share market are some of his passions. He loves to eat any type of food though Chinese, Mexican and Italian are his favorite cuisines. Being a member of the young generation, Ajith Prasad loves the old melodies of Kishore Kumar and movies of yesterdays.

Besides blogging he is extremely focused in his software career which he is planning to leave in the next five years. Being a full-time day trader and owning a small café in future are his dreams which he loves to cherish.

He believes in simplicity. To him having an LCD TV of Rs.50,000/- is nothing but a luxury, which he never indulges.

A simple minded, yet so successful both in his software and blogging career, Ajith Prasad is really an inspiring personality of this young generation.

Indian Blogger Ajith Prasad's Passion for Writing Turned Him a Successful Professional Blogger Indian Blogger Ajith Prasad's Passion for Writing Turned Him a Successful Professional Blogger Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on March 19, 2013 Rating: 5

Ashley Qualls earns Millions from Blogging at her teenage - Read the Success story

Creating her own website at the age of 14 and hitting millions of traffic regularly is truly inspiring to turn your ideas into success. Yes, Ashley Quells, an American teenager has proved it that you don’t have to be an adult to become a successful online entrepreneur. Her website whateverlife.com is so popular that it attracts more visitors than some popular teen magazines like Seventeen, Teen, Vogue and Cosmogirl.

Ashley couldn’t wait to complete her formal education as she needs to know more than what educational system could provide. Dropped out of high school, Ashley had done a crash course to learn how to run your own business and make it profitable.

Starting Up with Blogging

Born on June 4th, 1990 in America, Ashley was always interested in graphic designs. Because of her talent she was popular among her friends also. While she was in school, she saw her friends customizing their Myspace layouts and that time social networking was also growing up. She too thought of designing her own by using various colors and using quotes from her favorite songs. Her layouts made her famous among her friends and that was the time when she thought of creating her own website.

By borrowing $8 from her mother this young school going kid started her own website and named it whateverlife.com. Ashley says that the name of her website itself reflects her goals and objectives. She says that for whatever life you lead, she is going to write for everyone. Thus only at the age of 14, she started her business at the basement of her suburban house at Detroit with an old computer and employed her mother and some of her friends. She was unaware of the fact that she is going to be a successful entrepreneur within a few years. She just took it for fun to share her cool MySpace background designs with others.

Success Hit Her within Few Years

Success story of Ashley is different from other online young entrepreneurs who became a millionaire. Neither her parents were into any business nor did she get any help from any elder sibling. She never had any contacts also. She designed her website to provide free Myspace layouts and also started giving HTML tutorials to kids who were eager to learn how to make their own coding and graphic designs. She used to run her website entirely from advertising revenue like Google AdSense and ValueClick.

Though she was alone, in 2006, Ian Moray, manager of media development for ValueClick Media got attracted by Ashley’s website. ValueClick Media is an online advertising broking firm, which helped Ashley grow her business. Moray was unaware of the fact that he is dealing with a teenager as whatever Ashley used to respond via email and phone seemed to be like an internet professional. Almost after a year when a magazine company contacted Moray to write about Ashley and her business, Moray discovered her real age. It was then Ashley was earning about $70,000 per month.

Her website whateverlife.com draws traffic of 7 million visitors and 60 million page views per month. With such a big audience hitting everyday, lot of advertisers gets attracted also.

By the time her website became popular world-wide, she got an offer of 1.5 million dollars for her business and also a car of her own choice. But she turned down that offer. By September 2006, Ashley bought a new house in a fenced-off subdivision in the community of Southgate for an amount of $250,000. She shifted to that new four bed-room house with her mother and younger sister. All these she achieved before she turned 18. It was really awesome and brilliant for a teenager to achieve such success before attaining adulthood.

Managing Her Assets at Minor Age

Ashley faced certain difficulties because of her young age since being a minor she had no legal control over her income. Thus after a family dispute, the court appointed a conservator for controlling all the assets of whateverlife.com. A monthly budget was fixed and if Ashley had to spend more than the budget she had to request for the extra funds. But Ashley got frustrated with this arrangement. She had to hire employees and contractors and also software developers from India for her business. But every time she had to take the permission of the conservator to spend money. Finally after she attained 18 years, she got the legal emancipation and was very happy to get the legal status as an adult.

Reinventing Whateverlife.com

With the idea of taking her website to the next level, she tried to make certain improvisations to her website. Few users and over 200 ambassadors giving input on features and designs are helping to rebuilt whateverlife. She realized that many teenager kids are interested to design their own graphics and want to create their own websites. Keeping these in mind she wants to relaunch her website. The new whateverlife will allow uploading, storing and sharing your own creations whether it may be graphics, social templates, tutorials blogs, videos etc.

This new platform will help to upgrade your own profiles with a wide exposure. Ashley has also developed a branded widget for whateverlife. It will broadcast music and video and the whateverlife staff will choose a star every week. The widget will help to create a virtual network across the social media world through Facebook and other social networking sites. Thus she is providing the platform or outlet for those who are creative.

With various other innovative ideas in mind Ashley has teamed up with a company called Subculture Interactive based in Los Angelos to rebuilt whateverlife.

Guiding Principles of Ahsley

Being a hard working lady, Ahsley believes to focus on every little detail of a project to make 100% out of it. She thinks anything could be done till you believe in it. Turning up dream into reality made her really feel happy. She says that if you love to do something just follow it and don’t let your passion wasted. Let your passion turn to profit and be an expert of whatever job you are doing.

She thinks involving adults and good consultants to your business and taking their advice really helps you to become successful in your own business.

This is all about Ashley Qualls, who became a millionaire by creating her own website at the age of 14. This is truly motivating and inspiring not only to kids but also to adults who are planning to start something on their own.
Ashley Qualls earns Millions from Blogging at her teenage - Read the Success story Ashley Qualls earns Millions from Blogging at her teenage - Read the Success story Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on March 03, 2013 Rating: 5
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