Earn up to USD 12,500** per month from Shaadi.Com affiliate program

If you own a blog or love writing then there is a decent option after Google AdSense to increate your earnings from blogs or website. You can opt. for affiliate programs to earn handsome earning for each referral or paid profile submission on Shadi.com.About Shaadi.com affiliate program -

Shaadi.com is one of the World's largest and reputed Matrimonial services. It not only helps people to find right partner for their life but also offers you a lucrative earning opportunities. Lots of bloggers and website owners are successfully making their living from Shaadi.com affiliate commissions.

How much you can earn -

Shaadi.Com offers 75% of revenue share of with an additional bonus of 25%. Some people who are participating in their affiliate program are claiming that they are earning Rs30 per profile registration through banner ads displayed on their website/ blog and Rs 900 when someone is doing paid registration. I have got some of the comments regarding this on various websites, I am attaching the comment pics here as a proof. So, you can see that there is a huge earning scope from Shaadi.com affiliate earnings. Comment proof are shown below.

Comment 1
Shaadi.com affiliate programComment 2

How can you earn money from Shaadi.com -

Shaadi.com offers a affiliate registration opportunity where you can register your details as asked. Now upon successful registration you will get banner and text ad page in your account. You just have to copy the code from the code page of the banner that you find suitable for your website or blog. You can even select text ads for your blog.
These code will contain your membership id and whenever someone register by clicking on the ads containing the code with your membership number, you will get paid.

How much you can earn -

As per Shaadi affiliate site, you can earn up to USD 12,500** per month

So, its simple and easy.

The payments will be sent to you on monthly basis.

For more details visit - http://www.shaadi.com/shaadi-rewards/
Earn up to USD 12,500** per month from Shaadi.Com affiliate program Earn up to USD 12,500** per month from Shaadi.Com affiliate program Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on July 08, 2012 Rating: 5


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