Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review rewriters required - Earn $5 to $1000 per review post

If you are a freelance content writer or a regular blogger then probably you might have written reviews for some clients at some points of time for earning money online for reviews.
Earn online Blogging Paid Reviews - is one such website which offers you the opportunity to earn from your own blog site by writing sponsored reviews for their clients.
Sponsored ReviewsHow the site works -

  1. The needs you to get register with their website. There you will find about hundreds of opportunities from advertisers looking for posts from blogs.
  2. After sign up, the advertisers will offer you the opportunity to write the reviews requested by them on your blog and sell it for a pre defined price.
  3. You can accept or reject the offer as per your choice.
  4. You will also have the opportunity for selecting the advertisers and bid on their projects and negotiating the rates for increasing your earnings.
  5. Once, you accept the project, you need to complete the project and submit within 7 days.

The submitted project will be reviewed by the review team members and approved projects will be paid after every 2 weeks.


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