Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get paid $1000 for writing Essays, stories and $100 per poem

If you are a Native freelance writer, lives in America and love to write short or Long stories, Essays and Poem then you can earn a good amount of money for your submission. An American Magazine "Subtropic" invites Stories -( short or long) up to 15,000 words, Essays, Poems from the Freelancer writers like you.
Submissions are accepted between September 1 up to April 15. Only electronic submissions are accepted and no other means of submission will be accepted.

Something you should know before submitting your write-ups to Subtropic -
  • The Editors of Subtropic want you to read an issue before submission to get an idea about what they publish and what not.
  • Generally they don't publish anything related to publishing science fiction, fantasy, other genre fiction, or anything with talking animals.
  • You are expected to submit only one story at one time and wait to hear from them before next submission.
  • You can submit a max of 4 poems at one single submission.
  • Your writings should be in 1st person present tense.
How much they pay -

They pay a flat fee of $1000 for stories ($500 for short stories) for North American first serial rights. Whereas you can earn $100 per poem.

How to Apply -

You should visit the link below to know full details about applying process -



Is there such initiative done in India please ?

If I will catch any such information over the internet, I will definitely update the information on my blog.

Please keep visiting.

Would like such initiatives in US and Europe, where Indians are allowed to participate.

Asiawriters.com; 4writers.net, UVO Corporation are all legit academic writing sites. I had worked on each (am still working on one) and they hire Indians. Actually, if your English is good, only a few sites will stop you from working with them. Think about it from the site owner's point of view. Its content which matters. You can write articles in textbroker.co.uk (Textbroker's american site textbroker.com. There are plenty of other sites too.

Perhaps if Hungry Mind has no objections, I can write a guest post on some of these sites(only legit sites)

@Arindom, Please mention your email ID and I will mail you for guest posting.

@Amit sorry!
That's my net moniker

Hi Arindom,

I have sent you an invitation to write on this blog.

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