Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best Dating affiliate program - Earn up to $1 just for getting clicks on links

If you are an affiliate and enjoy earning through affiliate programs then I think nothing will interest you more than writing on dating niche and earning affiliate commission from Dating affiliate programs. is one such Dating website which offers an attractive affiliate earning opportunities or you may say the Best Dating affiliate program for affiliates in India and each all other affiliates from different countries who are interested in the niche. When most of the websites generally prefer to pay affiliate commissions on sales, Lava Place offers you to earn commission up to $1 just for getting Unique clicks on their links.
 Short Review for dating affiliate program -

The Online dating site Lava Place of claims to serve 210 countries of the world. To make their site a big success and help the people around the globe to find the best dating partner they have started an affiliate program to promote it worldwide.

The Affiliate Sign-Up is absolutely Free and easy.
After joining, they provide marketing tools like a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site.
Every time, a new or Unique visitor clicks on the link or banner, you will be credited with the commission.
You will be paid up to $1 for each unique visitor from unique IP.

Sign up now and start earning -


Seeking hard for an affiliate program of international dating niche? A good news for profit hunters in online marketing is here! Earn high commissions and astonishing bonus with Qpid Network Affiliate Program today! is hosting an bonus program which is open to all affiliates: by promoting its member sites with latest developed and powerful promotional materials, Qpid Network will reward you with a bonus:

TOP bonus … $1,000
Splendid bonus … $200
Bonus for efforts … $50
Bonus for contribution … $25
Bravery bonus … $15

The application to the bonus program is about to close on 23:59, 28th, February, 2013!

After signing up the bonus program, a profiting mode of "original commissions+extra bonus" is activated for you. As for commissions, the payout of can be:

$5 per valid member
30% of the orders of your referred members

You can never find another affiliate program with such a high payout and with powerful promotional tools! Do not hesitate, sign up and be successful with the best online international dating affiliate program now!

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