Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Paid for Survey up to $10 per survey - SurveySavvy

There are lot of Get Paid for Survey websites growing and escaping every day. Those who are looking for work from home online jobs are sometimes getting scammed by offering too lucrative offers to trap the online makers but there are genuine online Survey websites that exists since their establishment and are paying well to their millions of members every week, every day or month.

Survey Savvy is such a genuine website that offers Get Paid for Survey online. If you are a Home mom, student, retired person or looking for part time extra earning then Survey Savvy is a website that you can trust upon.

join Survey SavvyA short review about Survey Savvy -

Survey Savvy is a Online Survey website founded by Luth Research. This is a 30 years old research firm based in San Diego.

The website is a genuine one with millions of members who are taking surveys and getting paid every day. The minimum cash for the survey that you can earn is $1... as per some members they receive a minimum survey worth $3, the max is $10 per survey.

They also have referral system where you can earn $2 per member referred by you and also a percentage of their earning.

Some members complains that they are not getting enough survey to make money but there is a way to increase your potential to earn more. You should complete your Portraits in the profile section so help them match the surveys that fits your profile best.

The survey will hardly take 20 to 30 minute to complete. So, isn't this a best deal for a part time job to earn some extra money.

Indians can also join this survey site for their part time income.

Payment system -

The payment system is best in the industry. They have the lowest payout in the industry. You can claim your cheque whenever it reaches $1. They pay cheque in USD.

So, they are a legitimate survey website and you can join this website for taking surveys and earn some extra bucks in your part time.

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