Saturday, June 23, 2012

Freelance content writers required - Get paid for writing on eTalkIndia

If you are a freelance content writer and looking for some genuine online website where you can submit your content and get paid for writing, then you can try writing contents for

get paid for content writing
eTalkIndia invites writers from India and all over the world to submit original contents on any interesting topics and get paid for it. They have some basic criteria for the acceptance of the submitted articles and payouts for what you have written. They don't accept the most easiest write-ups about the daily stuffs.

A short review about eTalkIndia: has been created on 6th April 2006. Since then the website has grown up as a community where you can well notice the member activities. The members are invited to submit articles on interesting topics, ask questions and other forum activities.

eTalkIndia invites every one who has writing skills to submit interesting, original and quality articles and get paid for writing.

They are genuine and pays to every writer whose articles are accepted to be published. They even allow the writer's name on every article to give them proper credit but they own all the copyrights of those purchased contents.

The basic criteria :

The articles should be 800 words or more to get well paid. The articles that are below 800 words will be considered as small articles or Tips. They are eligible for the payout but a bit less than their longer counterpart.

As usual, the contents should be interesting, should pass copyscape test and should not be the repeated topic that is already present on the website itself.

They prefer to receive the article with images included in it to make the reading more interesting.

Payouts -

The payments are done through Cheque and Paypal whenever the amount reaches $50 or INR 2000. But they reserve the rights to decide the Payouts rates for the articles and Tips.

You can contact them at

Conclusion -

eTalkIndia is a genuine website who invites a writer to submit quality content and in turn they will get paid for writing. Though the payouts may not be sufficient for the pro writers but if you are just a beginner or love to write at your part time then etalkindia is just a good choice to make your articles published with your name get paid for your skill.

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