Freelance writing jobs for expert ghost writers - 500 words for $150 or $1500

Lots of Expert Freelance writers are really earning several thousand dollars per month just by selling their own writing at their own set price and offering their clients different status or Rights.

Freelance writing job at your own set price (Earn thousands of dollars for 500 or more words).

Some expert writers are just making $150 or more for a single page of really unique researched writing and selling them to their clients with Full Copyrights. Some sell them with Unique rights at little less and some writers are just making lots more by selling their own content but used by many clients legitimately at little more less but the quantity of sell will accumulate several thousand dollars in their account.

Yes, you may be really surprised to know about how people are earning a lot by selling a small piece of well researched content on www.constant-content.com.

Constant-Content.com - your way to financial independence
Constant-Content.com Legit or Scam (Review about the job )-

Constant Content is one of the most popular choice of expert writers to make their way of financial freedom. But when I am saying Expert writer, I really mean expert writer (everything comes with a cost, there is no short cut to success).

Constant-Content is a Content broker website where you can not only sell your own writing about any topic limited to the category mentioned there but you can also get a large pool of clients who are willing to pay too high than existing content writing job.

If you are really too good at English Grammar and have best writing skills in the industry to attract the clients with your unique, researched and helpful content then just hit Constant-Content and prepare your way of Financial Freedom.

Eligibility -

There is no specific eligibility except than you should be 100% perfect about Grammar, Punctuation and should have Elegant writing skills to attract clients to pay the rate you decide, whether in hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How to start process -

Step 1 -You need to sign-up for a account with your Pen name, Original Name, location, Paypal id etc asked there to fill up in the form.

Step 2 - You have to pass a small Grammar, Punctuation test and the minimum pass mark is 4/5

Too high Risk involved -

Though the Constant Content is really giving you the way of making financial freedom the way you want, allow you to set your own price but the site involves too high risk as per many and also as per the set rules to participate in the site.

It does not guarantee that if you have successfully passed the Sign up test then your account is secured. It can be terminated at any point of your life time with your slight mistake. Please make sure to visit their forum to check out what other people are saying and seeking help.

For 1st mistake in your submitted article, may be a single punctuation or small Grammar or spelling, your article will be rejected, though you may fix and re-submit it for reconsideration but after 2nd mistake your account will be banned and your Paypal account will be blocked.

The website itself maintains a forum where you will get lots of discussion from the users whose accounts has got banned.

have got no answer in the forum about what happened to the earnings of those members whose account has been banned. Perhaps, you need to register the site and ask the support team to answer that query.

Constant Content is Legit -

Banning the accounts of users does not means that the site is Scam, the site is very legit but they are just trying to filter the best to maintain the best value in the market. As I have mentioned at the beginning of my post that "Expert Freelance Writers" are really making money, so you need to be as good as those Experts.

You will find lots of testimonials on Youtube and search Engines from the experts who are selling thousands of their articles and eBooks there and earning millions.

How much you can Earn -

You are free to decide the rate of the article uploaded by you. You can sell it at different rates as per the different status of selling rights there. Clients may request you directly to write something with their offer price. Constant-Content will take their 30-35% cut from your earning straight away before paying you on your Paypal account.

So, if you are really Expert Freelance writer then you deserve more than what you are earning. Write your own article at your wish, set your own price and sell it on Constant-COntent. Also enjoy high paying clients there requesting you to write for them.

Please visit - http://www.constant-content.com
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