Freelance writing jobs - Tech writers required $50 for 800 words

If you are a Tech Freelance writer and love to read and write about latest Computer Tweaks/ Tips and tricks then here is a golden opportunity to write for WorldStart and get paid for writing Computer Tips for their readers.

Freelance Tech Writing jobs
A short Review about WorldStart Tech writing job -

WorldStart is a Best Tech Tips and Daily Deals Newsletter on Internet. The latest tech tips are published on this website on daily basis for its reader base of 300,000 who are interested to learn about smart handling their PC and its accessories or fixing the problem.

Tech Tips writing guidelines for the freelance tech writing job -

With a large Tech readers database, WorldStart is inviting writers to submit Computer Tips and Tricks related articles are new and not already published on their website. The tips should be written in simple language to help the readers understand considering that there are a large section of new readers who are daily joining this website and are not so tech savvy.

All the submitted articles should be associated with related screenshots to help the readers understand the exact message the article is trying to conveying them.

How much you will get paid for writing Tech articles ? -

Getting paid for submitting tech articles on WorldStarts is at various levels depending upon your Article length and quality submission -
  • Approximately 250 words-$25.00
  • Approximately 400 words-$40.00
  • Approximately 600 words-$45.00
  • Maximum length is approximately 800 words-$50.00
But it should be kept in mind that your article should not be padded to reach maximum word length to earn more. The article should have something informative, interesting peice of information through its length to get it approved for publishing.

All the submitted articles will undergo strong review to check the genuinity of the article and duplicate publication.

For complete details, please visit - http://www.worldstart.com/writers-guidelines
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  4. @Savita @Elphas , Please note that we are not offering any writing job. This blog is just a information board about the available writing opportunities across the globe.

    Please read the blog post carefully and you will get a URL of the job providing website at the end of the blog post. You should visit that website URL for complete details about the job and apply there.


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