Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Freelance writing job - $300 to $2000 per Essay and Interview

If you are a freelance writer and looking for some big or High paid writing opportunity then you should try Sun Magazine. You should be passionate about essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry (Please, no journalistic features, academic works, or opinion pieces) then you can send your writing to The Sun Magazine.

You can send some thoughtful well written essays on Political, Cultural and Philosophical themes. Basically they are just open to anything except the above mentioned journalistic features, academic  etc. pieces.

Payment rates -

The SUN magazine pays for your writing as per following rates -

  1. Essays and interview writing - $300 - $2000
  2. Fiction writing - $300 - $1500
  3. Poetry writing - $100 - $500
  4. They also pays little less for some short stories depending upon the quality of the write-up.

How to apply -

You should apply with your submission, types double-spaced accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelop. You should send a return envelop else your submissions will not be acknowledged.

For complete details visit -


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