Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Earn from Expired Domains? - The 3 Best Ways

 Earning money online sitting at home by buying and selling expired domain names is a hot money making idea today. If you have little idea about how it works, you can easily earn handsome passive income from internet. If you browse through Google, you will find hundreds of successful stories of people who have got rich over night investing in expired domains.

All you need to know is -
  • Which domains should you purchase?
  • How to make money from these expired domains?
Though experience is the only tool that will help you win any battle still to keep the answer simple, there are few simple strategies that you need to follow. Some tips for buying expired domains are as below.

  • Keep an close eye on popular websites. The owners of such websites sometimes shift their business to new domain names or left it for some personal problems. If you are lucky enough then you will get one such domain name that can make you rich over night.
  • Always look for SEO friendly expired domain names. These expired domains attract traffic which will earn you money.
  • If you can manage buying any domain that was previously scored high page rank will work even better.
How to make money from expired domains -  3 best ways:

Here are the 3 tips to make money from the expired domains purchased by you.
  1. If you have purchased high traffic expired domain then it is wise to get the domain registered with some free domain parking companies. These companies will show ads on those parked domains. As obvious, the high traffic will click on those ads to help you earning revenue.
  2. Investing on expired domains is something like investing on Real Estate market. The best domain names with more age is always a priority for SEO masters as these domains perform well on Search Engine. So, the catch is that be wise in selecting the best domain names, hold the domain in your possession for some time or even a year and then sold them at higher prices.
  3. Domain forwarding is another good strategy of making money from expired domains. If you have your own blog or website, just purchase some domains with the keywords in their name that are best match to your blog or website niche. While purchasing the domain take care that these keywords are really capable of attracting traffic. All you need to forward those domains to your website. Thus you will get 2 fold benefit. The already existing visitors of that domain along with new visitors will increase the traffic and hence revenue generating potential of your website.
Before purchasing any domain, judge their link popularity in any major search engine by typing their domain name. Once you catch the real strategy of this expired domain gaming, you can really make money overnight.


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