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What are the secret strategies of Super Affiliates that helps them earning Millions online within 3 to 4 month

Though there is no short cut to Success. Still there are lots of ways which are genuine ways available online that takes comparatively too short time to earn a lot from online sitting at your own home. Affiliate Marketing is just one of them.

earn millions from affiliate marketing

You may be thinking that becoming a millionaire within 3 to 4 months is just a Hype. No, it is not a hype when it comes to affiliate marketing. The all you need to know is the proper strategy to earn millions from affiliate marketing else you will also end up earning few hundreds over the span of 3 to 4 months.

Lots of online money makers join affiliate programs every day and lots of affiliate programs are growing up every day. Still there are only a few names in the affiliate success list. It is not that all the affiliate programs are fake.

So, is there any secret to become a successful affiliate?

Hmm, the correct term that can be used here is the strategy. Basically it is the strategy that is adopted by any successful affiliate marketer which they keep secret and never disclose just to keep the competition level lower and keep earning more to make millions. So, basically there is no such secret, it is only about the right strategies that you have not followed for your affiliate marketing success. It is the strategy that you have generally ignored and the successful affiliates follow it rigidly to keep them successful.

Before proceeding towards the strategies, I would like to bring into your attention some traits that helps those simple affiliate to become a Super Affiliate who are earning Five figures a month. These traits are -
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Always dare to try new
  • The habit of doing it now without leaving it for tomorrow.
Success never comes overnight and super affiliates are not exception to this rule. It is the News of their success that comes overnight and provokes you to jump into the process that they were in for several months or years. So, if you are reading this post in a hope to get some super clue about getting overnight success then please leave this post right now as I am not going to share anything that make you rich over night and you are just wasting your time. But if you believe that hard work and determination brings success, please keep reading.

What are the basic strategies that can help you become a successful affiliate?

We all know that there are some basic jobs that we have to do to increase our affiliate sales. There has been  a lot written on these like you have to blog, you have to promote, you have to be active replying your blog readers and much more.. But there are some thing which differentiates you and super affiliates.

Super Affiliates are just very common people like you but they think differently than you since beginning. Please keep reading.
  • Don't choose affiliate marketing just because your friend is earning big bucks -  Yes, sometimes we just get hypnotized while one of our good friend starts discussing about his own affiliate success and suddenly your soul jump to the decision of becoming a successful affiliate marketer like him/her. Please avoid such temptation because there is no right way to get rich overnight until you are doing something which is a crime. Your friend definitely have achieved affiliate success but he/ she have worked hard to achieve that, maybe he she has spent some of his/her night hours in front of Laptop while you were enjoying your dream at night. So, before jumping into this, please prepare yourself mentally that you are going to get yourself in upcoming hard time to achieve your expectations.
  • Don't expect to make your very first sale on the very first day - Yes, you have read it right. This expectation is the root of 85% affiliate failure cases in the industry. Most of the affiliate marketers are found to start losing hope when they don't even able to catch any single visitor to their affiliate page except their friends and families only on the very first day/ week/ month. Please remember that it is almost 99% obvious that you are not going to get any hit from any new interested buyer on the web because your affiliate page is too new to appear on the search result. So, the only visitors you can expect in the initial days are your friends and families. It will take time may be a week, a month or more depending upon your promotional strategies to reach the potential buyers. You need to know well - How to promote your affiliate product to get high sales?
  • Take time to research well before joining any affiliate program - Yes, this is another secret that differentiates you from the super affiliates. Super Affiliates do nothing extra but they are not emotional fool. They are never in a hurry to join each and every affiliate program and start promoting them that seems provoking to them with high commission earning. Rather they spend their valuable time in doing research about the age of the affiliate, conversion reports, reviews available online left by other affiliates who are working for them or left them, customer's reviews about the products being sold by those affiliates, customer service report by those affiliate programs as this is the most important part of any affiliate success.
  • Big commissions doesn't guarantee big earning : Yes, this is true. Since the competition is stiff everywhere, every new affiliate program that is coming us is trying to attract more and more affiliates to promote their products and make good profit. In this context, they are also trying to lure the affiliates by offering higher commissions than others and surprisingly they succeed every time. But those who has achieved super affiliate status has never fallen into that trap. Remember that big commissions definitely helps earning more profit but it never guarantee your success in selling the product. Hope you have heard it somewhere that - "You can't sell a Refrigerator to an Eskimo". So, before getting attracted to high commissions, check out whether the product you are promoting worth your valuable time or the product is in actual demand among your reader base. If the product is not in demand, higher commissions will never help you make even a single penny. So, it is the selection of the right products that will help you make good money and becoming super affiliates, not the commission itself. So, before jumping into anything, try to understand the taste of potential audience.
  • Be ready to embrace the change in this dynamic online world - Internet is very dynamic and nothing stays here forever. The SEO strategies are ever changing, new promotional strategies are coming up every new week/ month. So, you can't rely on something that worked for you last week and expect that this will be your secret of success for ever. You have to keep learning and follow your competitors, other super affiliates and check out what new they are trying. You too have to keep changing your strategies and keep trying adopting fair means and you can maintain yourself up-going. If you are lazy to try something new, please don't jump into it better search for some monotonous 9 to 5  jobs where you will get the chance to keep repeating the same job, same way till your retirement day. Affiliate marketing is for dynamic minded optimistic people only, Mind it.
  • Never give up - "I quit" is the term that is not present in the vocabulary of the Super Affiliates. They see things differently. When they fail, they never feel sad, rather they become happy to know what has not worked for them and eliminate that strategy forever. So, everything whether success or failure appears to them as an opportunity to learn from. They find a resemblance of the life cycle of a butterfly in everything. When they fail they think themselves as a caterpillar and they keep hoping that tomorrow will be the day when they have beautiful and attractive wings and that is the spirit that keeps them going. They never quit.

So, it is your action plan at the beginning that will decide your path towards becoming a super affiliate or failure as an affiliate. If you have any affiliate success story or affiliate success strategy please share with us and we would love to post them on this blog if we like it.

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