Rohit Langde Blogger: a Modest Young Online Entrepreneur

It’s quite surprising to believe how these little kids at their young ages become so focused on their work. But it’s true. They have done it and proved it also. One such name is Rohit Langde, a student of Mechanical Engineering of Government Polytechnic College, Nagpur, who is presently doing his Bachelor Degree at G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering in Nagpur.

Starting Up with Blogging

Like any other person of his generation Rohit also used to spend most of his time on internet. Helping out people by sharing thoughts and opinions with others seems to be quite interesting to him.
Later, one of his friends whom he met on a social networking site and coincidentally whose name was also Rohit told him about blogging. Finding it quite an exciting job, Rohit started blogging to share the movies and software on Blogspot blog. He used to do all these things in Orkut communities also.

Passion Turned to a Means of Livelihood

Since he started blogging in 2007, Rohit was unaware of the fact that his love for blogging could make him earn his livelihood. Completely he had no idea about the advertising revenue from blogs and the advertisement banners on different sites. Gradually his inquisitiveness made him to know more about those advertisements which he later started using in his blog too.

When he came to know that from writing own blogs he could earn money, he started his own blog in 2008 and thus became the founder / owner of Blogsolute.com. His income from blogging is enough to meet all his personal expenses along with the expenditure of his whole family.

Made His Technological Interest as the Subject of His Blog

As soon as Rohit came to know about the tricks and techniques of earning from blogging he left sharing those movies and all which he used to do earlier and started his own blog to share thoughts and views on computer software and technology. Technology has always been his favorite subject and he is always very keen and eager to know the newer technical inventions in electronic gadgets like mobile phones. This way he moved to his own area and started to share latest news on technology as also writing reviews on software on his own blog at blogsolute.com. His blog deals with all the information regarding web technology and the latest softwares.

He tries to make computing easy by giving certain tutorials and guidelines to the new comers to understand them quickly. His passion for technology kept him involved to earn money.

Success of Rohit in Blogging

Being a part-time blogger, Rohit finds it quite difficult to manage it alone. Recently some contributors joined him. It is he himself who made his blog popular but according to him some guest articles posted in his blog have undoubtedly helped him to make his blog famous.

As per the current statistics, monthly page views of his blog are about 1 million with more than 16,600 Facebook fans of his blog. Besides India, his traffic comes from United States and U.K. He mainly targets home users and students who are eager to know more about computer and thus he covers all about computer knowledge using windows software for a proper guidance. He loves to explore new ideas and techniques from various sources like various Forums and News sources.

Major portion of the revenue comes from Adsense while he has also Direct Ad Space sell on his blog. The income he is earning now is sufficient to meet his livelihood but being a student, till now he has not yet decided to take blogging as his profession. But obviously within the next few years he wants to make his blog bigger and popular all over the world.

Inspiration to Blogging

Darren Rowse of Problogger.net, Keith D’Souza of Techie-Buzz.com and Mr. Amit Agarwal of Labnol.org are some of his favorite bloggers who inspired him a lot. Darren Rowse and Amit Agarwal are his idols.

According to him one has to be a good reader in order to express himself through writing. Rohit is a regular reader of his favorite blogs Make Useof, OMGUbuntu and Problogger.

Principles Followed by Rohit

Rohit believes that blogging is not a medium of quick money making. One has to be patient and fully devoted to what he is writing, keeping in mind the importance of bringing traffic to the website. He says that sincerity and dedication could obviously bring success one day.

Blogging has made him more patient, imaginative and expressive. It is his favorite pass time also. To him staying connected with social networking sites are really helpful to flourish in the career of blogging. Several networking sites like Facebook and Twitter help to create your own image in the web world.
Being a technical person himself Rohit believes that the advancement of technology has made people lazier.

His Favorites

Being a bollywood fan Rohit never misses a movie released on every Friday. He loves unconventional movies like Wednesday and comedy serials like Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai on television. He is moved by listening Sufi songs. Apart from movies and listening to songs, Rohit likes to play games and hanging out with friends and family. Switzerland being his dream destination, he would also love to visit Cape Town, London and Kashmir. He loves South Indian dishes and also never misses the opportunity to have Chinese.

Rohit’s Wishes
He wished if he could meet Sir Isaac Newton once whether dead or alive. And one thing if he could change in this world is corruption.


Rohit is building his own home and according to him it is his biggest achievement till now. But the happiest moment in his life is when he got his own Desktop Computer.

Comments He Enjoys on His Blog

Among the various technical topics that he shares in his blog, he enjoys the comments of those related with the topics on mobile phones. This is so because an admirer of a particular mobile-set easily gets into tussle with the one supporting the manufacturer, which he finds quite funny.

This is an inspiring story of a successful young boy from Nagpur, who is a bit conservative and reserved but trying to be more social and popular with his writing capabilities. Rohit can be an icon to upcoming bloggers who also want to make their name in the web world.
Rohit Langde Blogger: a Modest Young Online Entrepreneur Rohit Langde Blogger: a Modest Young Online Entrepreneur Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on May 26, 2013 Rating: 5

How Writing for content mill can sabotage your Freelance writing career?

Freelance writing is not an optional career option. Now, thanks to the advent of technology many people are waking up to the vast opportunity in the field of freelance writing. With every passing day, more and more people are actually opting for freelance content writing as a full time career option. However, the path to being a successful freelance writer is certainly not a smooth one.
Writing for pennies for Content Mills

Take a look at my career as a freelance writer

My career progression as a freelance writer is an eye opener for many upcoming writers. They can certainly learn a lesson or two from the grave mistakes that I made too early in my career. See, what happens when you just start freelance writing is that you are extremely unsure of this new territory and lack self confidence. This was absolutely the case with me. I was desperately looking for avenues to earn some money and was slightly unsure of how to go about. This is when a friend of mine introduced me to the ghastly concept of content mill. For those of you, who are not aware of what is meant by content mill, it is basically a content bank where starting freelance writers are paid peanuts to write content on almost all possible topics in the world. The content mill is known to house a plethora of topics. All search engines are known to function on certain algorithms. These articles in the content bank are known to be as per the requirements of these algorithms. The whole idea is that no matter, what topic you might search it would lead you to the content mill.

Pouring my heart out with my experience

Now, coming back to my experience as a content mill writer. Initially, it was indeed fun; I could write on a varied number of topics and sharpen my writing skills. However this is the biggest mistake that I did. Something, so big that it could sabotage my freelance writing career one and for all. The pay was dismal and naturally, in order to earn more , I ended up churning as many as 20 to 10 articles per day that affected by quality of work in a negative manner. Moreover, I was so bogged down with the work load that I never had the opportunity to actually look for other options that ensures a better pay and hence your quality is not compromised with.

Trapped in a Vicious Cycle

It was like a vicious cycle. No matter how much I wanted to get out of this trap called content mill, simply could not. The fact that I had low self confidence and no other online work in hand made matters worse. Quitting content mill writing meant saying bye to freelance writing completely. However, thankfully one day (someday back in Mar2007) I finally gained the required confidence and quit this trap once and for all.
My sincere advice to all freelance writers, please do not fall prey to the trap called content mill writing. They mean easy money but trust me your hard work is worth a lot more both in terms of money and appreciation.
How Writing for content mill can sabotage your Freelance writing career? How Writing for content mill can sabotage your Freelance writing career? Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on May 06, 2013 Rating: 5

Super affiliate Vs average affiliate: difference explained

Super Affiliate: who is he?

Before you get to know about a super affiliate let us make a quick review on who is an affiliate marketer? super affiliates.

The super affiliates are the people who are among the best affiliate marketers and capable of leading the others in the business. They obviously drive in most of the customers for the sellers and earn more than average affiliates. Who are average affiliates you might ask then they are the ones who are not very good at their jobs and give only average results. Now it is time to list out the major differences between the two main points of discussion of the article; super affiliates and average affiliates.
An affiliate marketer is a person who is responsible for promoting products of the merchant and earns a commission on every customer that he brings to the merchant. Affiliate marketing is growing with every passing day and so is the number of affiliate marketers. You have to understand that not every affiliate marketer is skilled and gives excellent results. The ones that do are known as

Super affiliate Vs average affiliates

  • The thinking ability of both an average affiliate and a super affiliate is what sets them apart from one another. The first one does not possess strategically thinking ability whereas the latter one has loads of it. It is the strategies of a super affiliate that makes him successful along with other reasons as well.
  • A super affiliate is responsible for getting a huge traffic to the website of the seller whereas the average affiliate is not even close to the super affiliate in this context.
  • Being disciplined and methodical are the two strong qualities of a super affiliate which are obviously absent from the average affiliate.
  • The other two qualities that you will observe in a super affiliate and not in an average one are a positive approach along with firm determination.
  • Setting goals is one of the main jobs of a successful affiliate marketer. A super affiliate never forgets to set goals while an average affiliate rarely sets goals for him.
These are some of the major differences between super affiliate marketers and average affiliate marketers. Now it is high time that we discuss the secrets behind the success of the super affiliates

Secrets of super affiliates

Their strong feature is that they know their audience. The people you deal with want different things and not everyone will be interested in the product you are here to promote. That is it is very essential to identify the group that is most interested and then market them the product. A super affiliate is a pro at marketing and that is why he is able to drive so much web traffic to the website of the seller.

Hard work is the key to success; this statement is true for super affiliates as well. They do not gain success by sitting around as they have to work for hours in order to get the results that are expected from a super affiliate marketer. All the strategies that are discussed above are followed by the super affiliates and usually ignored by the average ones and the difference is no secret.


A super affiliate marketer follows the latest trends and combines them with his hard work and dedication to drive web traffic and earn his high commission from the merchant. An average affiliate on the other hand cannot free him from the old notions and fail to understand the value of time and patience in the world of affiliate marketing.
Super affiliate Vs average affiliate: difference explained Super affiliate Vs average affiliate: difference explained Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on May 05, 2013 Rating: 5
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