Monday, May 6, 2013

How Writing for content mill can sabotage your Freelance writing career?

Freelance writing is not an optional career option. Now, thanks to the advent of technology many people are waking up to the vast opportunity in the field of freelance writing. With every passing day, more and more people are actually opting for freelance content writing as a full time career option. However, the path to being a successful freelance writer is certainly not a smooth one.
Writing for pennies for Content Mills

Take a look at my career as a freelance writer

My career progression as a freelance writer is an eye opener for many upcoming writers. They can certainly learn a lesson or two from the grave mistakes that I made too early in my career. See, what happens when you just start freelance writing is that you are extremely unsure of this new territory and lack self confidence. This was absolutely the case with me. I was desperately looking for avenues to earn some money and was slightly unsure of how to go about. This is when a friend of mine introduced me to the ghastly concept of content mill. For those of you, who are not aware of what is meant by content mill, it is basically a content bank where starting freelance writers are paid peanuts to write content on almost all possible topics in the world. The content mill is known to house a plethora of topics. All search engines are known to function on certain algorithms. These articles in the content bank are known to be as per the requirements of these algorithms. The whole idea is that no matter, what topic you might search it would lead you to the content mill.

Pouring my heart out with my experience

Now, coming back to my experience as a content mill writer. Initially, it was indeed fun; I could write on a varied number of topics and sharpen my writing skills. However this is the biggest mistake that I did. Something, so big that it could sabotage my freelance writing career one and for all. The pay was dismal and naturally, in order to earn more , I ended up churning as many as 20 to 10 articles per day that affected by quality of work in a negative manner. Moreover, I was so bogged down with the work load that I never had the opportunity to actually look for other options that ensures a better pay and hence your quality is not compromised with.

Trapped in a Vicious Cycle

It was like a vicious cycle. No matter how much I wanted to get out of this trap called content mill, simply could not. The fact that I had low self confidence and no other online work in hand made matters worse. Quitting content mill writing meant saying bye to freelance writing completely. However, thankfully one day (someday back in Mar2007) I finally gained the required confidence and quit this trap once and for all.
My sincere advice to all freelance writers, please do not fall prey to the trap called content mill writing. They mean easy money but trust me your hard work is worth a lot more both in terms of money and appreciation.


Yes, you are right ! I am also stuck in this vicious cycle and want to get out of it, but it's very difficult. You should also have explained how to get out of it!

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