Saturday, June 30, 2012

Article writer required - Experts Column - Get paid to write from home

If you are expert, writing on some niche then you can get paid writing from home. Experts Column invites expert writers to publish their expert writings on their website and get paid for writing.
get paid writing from home - Experts ColumnA short Review -

Experts Column is a website for article writers who love to earn royalty income money from revenue sharing. ExpertsColum is not a market place where you are going to work on client's request or receiving instant money after project approval.

Basically ExpertsColumn is a best option for several kind of online writers -

  1. If you are a beginner and you want your exposure at writing market place. ExpertsColumn will help you getting your exposure as the site is very popular among large community of people who are voracious reader and keep haunting for information.
  2. If you don't have any AdSense or other AdNetwork member account to earn from advertisements on your blog or your account has been banned or disabled for certain reasons.
  3. Even if you have your personal blog and you are earning from your website or blog still Writing on ExpertsColumn will help you drive huge traffic to your own blog along with earning from your article submission.
So, How it works -

The working process of Experts Column is very simple.
  1. You need to create an account on -
  2. After registration you need to confirm your registration by clicking a link you received at your inbox.
  3. While registration, you need to submit your Paypal account.

Once you have your account on ExpertsColumn, the 2nd step is -

  1. You need to write your own column and submit on EC.
  2. After submission, you need to promote it using various ways and get visitors to your column.
  3. The visitors on your column will generate money for you from the Ads on the Column.

How much you can earn -

  1. Your earning will be entirely based on the revenues generated from the Ads associated with your content on ExpertsColumn and you will get a share of that amount.
  2. The Payment will be done through Paypal.
  3. The Payout limit is as little as $5.

Conclusion -

Though this may not be a perfect place for those who are looking for earning from writing market place, still contributing your articles on ExpertsColumn may help you indirectly earning a lot from direct market place because it will help you making reputation in the market place.

So, join now -


I think expert column is a 'silly 'site. I was one of the first members but these guys do not want people to go anywhere. They are also buffoons.I wrote a long article about racism in two parts. They deleted the 2nd part without a back-up. They thought it was plagiarized (and it was) from a paper authored by me in They say that you can submit pieces you have written and published elsewhere. EC is just another triond but triond does have that class which EC unfortunately lacks

Thanks for sharing your experience with Expert Columns. This will definitely help new writers or the existing writers to take fair decision before joining with EC...

Please keep sharing such valuable experiences about other sites if you have any or any of your friends have such bitter experience.

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