Saturday, July 7, 2012

Article writing job - a new experience of shopping your article writing job

If you love writing and looking for some online market place for content writing job then exvo offers you an entirely new experience of Article writing job and get paid for writing.

Article writing job
About Article writing job -

Exvo offers you the opportunity to work with Teams. Here you will experience something new like you have to shop your new job. Here you will get Team Store where various companies are offering positions for Article writers who have passion for their writing job.

You need to browse the Team store for the company who is offering the position that you want to register. Its like shopping experience for your writing job. Once you get it, just you need to start with the big green button there.

You have to create your Teams account correctly that will just take one minute. Be sure to put correct information.

After creating your account, you will have to add your skills, rates . Now you are very close to start writing and make money but before that you have to pass through the training process. It is recommended that you should work on real jobs. Your job will be checked by other team members and based on your performance, your account will be automatically switched from Training to Active.

Once you are active, you will start receiving projects and earn money by writing at your own set rate.

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