Monday, July 2, 2012

Freelance writing jobs for Asian writers - Get paid up to $30 per page for writing

If you are a Freelance writer from Asian countries and looking for freelance writing jobs from a trustworthy reputed freelance writing company then you must grab this freelance writing job opportunity which is especially for the Asian writers. is looking for experienced freelance writers with good English and grammar to serve their clients with best rates in the industry.

freelance writing jobs - Asian writersA review about Asiawriters job opportunity -

Asiawriters ia a trust worthy name in the freelance writing industry with lots of freelance writers from Asia who are satisfactorily earning their living from this company. The site is a leading service provider in academic writing, resume writing, translation and copywriting services.

The first thing that will attract you as an Asian is their website which is clutter free and very much with Asian looks.

Eligibility for applying -

You should have either of Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D degree with you and must have good command over English with knowledge about academic writing, resume writing, translations and Copywriting jobs.

Registration process -

Step 1 -
You need to register with asiawriter website to work with them. The 1st step is simple form filling with personal details and qualifications, area of interests etc.

Step 2 -

The 2nd step is a 30 min English proficiency test which has 2 splits of 15 min each. You will get only 2 chance in-case you fail to submit within time due to internet or other problems. The 1st part of the test is related to Grammar skills and multiple choices about various Tenses.

The 2nd part or next 15 min. of the test is related to 100 to 150 words Essay writing. You will be provided the topics and keywords for the Essay.

If you qualify the English proficiency test, you are eligible to work for Asiawriters.

How much you can earn -

The website pays best rate in the industry. Though they have not mentioned the exact rate on their website but as heard from some of their writers, you can earn up to $30 per page along with an opportunity of increasing 20% increase in payment based on your writing quality and client's feedback for your work.

So, if you have the best writing skills and good command over English, please apply for -


I was working for Asiawriters at the beginning of my freelance career. And I have to admit that it was a fair cooperation. Money for completed orders I received on time. My income was dependent entirely on me, since the more orders I accepted, the more revenue I got.Moreover, it was really exciting to find out something new when writing essays.

A good company which pleases with constant payments. the good factor which I appreciate most is the method of work distribution. I mean that I can regulate my working hours by myself. I'm my own chef.

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Have fun!

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