Monday, July 16, 2012

Earn from Blogging - several ways apart from AdSense

When it comes to Blogging, the very 1st thing that a blogger will tell you is that AdSense is the Money mine and the more you digg on your blog the more money you can earn from AdSense. But the fact is that several million online users consider this is a quick rick money game and start blogging and you will be surprised to know that the quit ratio is about 80% between every 3rd to 8th month of Blogging. - WHY?

The answer is simple and has 2 parts.

  1. AdSense is never a quick rich Money scheme.
  2. They don't know anything except AdSense about how to earn from Blogging.

So before you start blogging, you should have to chalk out the ways of earning if you fails making money from AdSense.

So, let us have a look at several other ways of making money from blog -

Note whatever is the source of income you are expecting, you must have traffic on your blog. And "How to generate traffic on your blog?" is a different topic that I will discuss some other day.

  1. Lots of other AdNetwork - There are several other adNetwork that also pays well if you even have an average traffic on your blog.
    Earn from Ad Networks
  2. Sell your own ad Space direct to the clients - Blogging offers you independence of selling your ad Space directly to the sponsors at your own set price. You need not to depend upon the pennies per click set by the various ad Networks. But be sure to make your blog popular among readers before approaching any direct sponsors.

  3. Make affiliate money from your blog - Among lots of other ways of making money from blogging, a very popular way among affiliates around the world to use their blog to promote their affiliate products and make tonns of money. If you don't know anything about affiliate programs, then learn "How to make money from online affiliate sales?"
    Earn from affiliate Marketing
  4. Sell your own eBooks on your blog - Lots of writers are there who are not only getting popular for their blogs but has found that their own blog performs best than any other auction website to sell their own written eBooks. The best part is that you can set higher price for the eBooks written by you and sell it on your blog without competing others like any other auction site. Another advantage that you will enjoy is that by selling the eBook on your self published blog, your readers and fans can guess the quality and information inside the eBook as they are already enjoying your blog and they have trust on you about "What they are going to get next in the eBook".

    Sell your eBook on your Blog
  5. Make money writing for others on your blogs - Blogging need not be always about some special niche that has good paying keywords include within. There are several websites like Payperpost where you can register your blog and can make money writing for what clients will pay you writing for them or their products and services on your own blog.
    Make money writing for others
  6. Sell Merchandise - If something is really cool about your blog like your blog logo, or some phrase that has been much appreciated by your readers, then put them on a Coffee cup or T-shirt and sell them on online stores like So, your blog can be a great way to make something popular but it should be your own original creativity and once it is popular, just sell them as merchandise and make money.
    sell merchandise and make money online
  7. Passive blog money - Some people have their offline services or products for sale. They use to write blog and interact with more and more readers to make them aware of every little details about their product and service. This way, they advertise their products and service and increase their sales by getting online orders to make more money using their blog.

  8. Earn from paid membership on your blog - If you have some expertise and you can really offer great information about some specific niche then the all you need is to keep updating those information on your blog. The blog should have 2 types of access rights where some of the posts will be displayed in public whereas some important should be private which will help you earn money. You need to share your valuable information posts that are available to public among various social networking sites to increase your blog's readership. Once you have established your expertise then you can ask your readers to register for paid membership to access the more valuable information on your site which are available as private access posts.
  9. Sell your blog - Many bloggers are surprisingly earning tonns of money just by selling their blogs. Generally they pick some hot niche to blog upon. They put fresh and valuable contents related to that niche and promote them to increase its readership and also follow the strategies to increase the page rank. After few months they just sell it at very high price. Since such hot niche are always, in demand you can sell them. But remember that you should be active on social networking to promote the blog before selling it.

This may not be the end. Blogs are increasing, bloggers are increasing day by day. People are coming up with really new ideas to make money from their own blogs and they are really earning millions online. So, you may have your own idea about making money from your blog.

If you have any idea, please share it with our reader community. Just drop me a comment and I will invite you for a guest post on my blog.


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