Monday, July 16, 2012

Freelance writing jobs at Demand Media Studios - $15 per 300 words

Expert Freelance writers with college degree in Journalism, English and Communication have a great opportunity to apply and join Demand Media Studios for eHow writing jobs. The pay rate is $15 per 300 words.

Freelance writing jobs at Demand Media Studios
Demand Media studio is looking for Home and Garden Writing jobs (Degree or certification in any home or garden area) will get preference.

Note - Demand Media Studios frequently does background checks to verify the accuracy of resumes. Falsifying a resume or impersonating another person is grounds for immediate dismissal from our system, and is a prosecutable offense.

A short Review about the Demand eHow job (Demand Media Studios)

Demand Media Studios is a renowned name online and one of the popular online media who produces tonns of informative articles and videos on eHow that are being most visited and read by people in United States and around the world.

About the Home and Gardening writing job -

eHow has lots of recent assignments on Home and Gardening. The variety of topics will allow you to show your talent as writer by combining your experience with knowledge to write informative and instructional articles.

All the articles submitted by you will pass through high editorial checking to meet their standards to check whether you have real experience or you are just writing them with a collection of materials available online.

******Please don't apply if you are such a writer who do writing jobs based on searching some articles on Google, Yahoo and interpret them in your own words into a fresh article. In that case, your contents will be simply rejected. *****

You should have real knowledge and experience to write on such topics and meet their redear's expectation standards.

You should have the knowledge over varieties of topics on gardening basics. plant care, landscaping, indoor plants, gardening tools and equipment and garden projects and crafts.

However you must have some expert knowledge on Home Topics that cover an array of DIY projects, such as home design and décor, construction, restoration, renovation, home organization, home and holiday crafts and projects.

So, apply only if you belongs to those fields and have real experience to produce real quality contents.

Why you should join Demand Media Studios -

Joining Demand Media Studios and writing for eHow will simply means that you are going to increase your online exposure by reaching about 10millions of people every month as your articles will include your byline which will help you to exploit your online existence.

How much you can earn

Demand Media Studios pays a highly competitive and satisfactory rate of $15 per 300 words. The payment will reach your Paypal account twice a week without any delay.

So, if you have real experience from those fields, feel free to write for eHow, Visit -


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