Friday, July 13, 2012

Why bloggers turns millionaires but writers are just earning pennies

There are no dearth of online evidences that bloggers are turning millionaires at very young age of 21 or something like this and later, but an experienced writer who is engaged in Freelance writing job or Full time writing job in any company are just making their living out of their skills.

Earn millions from blogging

Yes, some of you may claim that as a Freelance writer you are earning handsome and makes more than your living but do you really admit that from the core of your heart? Do you really got what you worth?

Now, think out of the box -

Being a quality writer does not means that you will be rich writing for Pennies for your clients even if you are getting paid $30 for $200 per page or earning $1500 or more per day. Do you know why?

Just think about it, the client expecting you to write for pennies or at high rate definitely going to make profit out of this after compensating the amount they paid you. Now here is the main thing that comes into play.
Every re-usable thing on this earth has a value and after reusing it several times the price money will get compensated and that becomes FREE for use and start pouring profit out of this.

Think out of the Box

So basically you are just helping them reaping millions for years and get yourself satisfied with pennies.

So, if you can do that for your clients why can't you do that for yourself?

I understand that you need instant money and blogging generally can't offer you instant money by using ad Networks on your blog.

Now this is where you need to start thinking out of the box. There are several ways where you can start earning without the help of such AdNetwork. I will discuss about that some other day.

But since you have came far away with your writing for clients, I will suggest you not to just give it up and jump into blogging. Just few strategies will help you to start your blog, your first step towards making millions.

You need to setup out of the box strategies to start your own blog earning. Blogging will help you earning residual income years after year and generation after generation whereas you are just getting paid once for your freelance writing for your clients and that too not much in most cases.

How to proceed your 1st step towards Blogging Millionaire without hampering your present financial status?

For freelance writers or Full time writers or whatever category you falls into, it is not actually penny that you are earning but comparing to those bloggers or comparing to what you worth, you are really making pennies.

Earn Pennies for writingSo, you have to start your own blog to put your first step towards success. But there are little differences in writing for others and writing for your own blog. You have to take wise decision about "What to Blog?".

Here I am guiding a little about how to proceed. For details about the strategies, you need to come back to my blog for more information.

Being a freelance writer you have attended several clients, their order hence you are the best person to decide for yourself what niche should you start with? What topics do you enjoy writing? And what are the topics that urge you to produce more and more creative ideas.

Now go to Google and check for those topics and also check out is there any advertisement exists on the right hand side of the Google search page for those topics. If yes then your path to Millionaire will be easy else it will be little tough. Whether you like to put AdSense ads on your blog in future or not but these Ads on Google search page helps us know that these topics are in hot demand in the market and that will help us set our strategy for out potential client.

There are lots of other ways to know about the competition about the topics but for the time being, just follow that simple strategy.

Just take out little time every day to write 1 or 2 blog post and little Social Media and promotional activities will help your blog earn you a lot and that too for ever and ever. So, you can start earning your royalty income.

So, it is up to you to keep working for pennies or taking your 1st step towards your success.


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