How young Blogger Michael Dunlop Earn Millions by Blogging at the age of 20 - Part II

With an aim to become a successful entrepreneur, Michael Dunlop started his first profitable website at the age of 16. What marked him as one of the youngest and adventurous online entrepreneurs in his time are his unique tips on how to make online money in his own websites, motivating others to start earning money from blogging and write something about which they are fond of. It’s the competition that inspires him to stand up and fight it back.  

Initial start up

With an urgent need of money, Michael just wanted to have a CMS which finally got programmed and the blogging platform was built. But that time he was only 15 years old and was totally unaware of the concept of blogging. But luckily it went off well and he found it easier and less stressful to earn online money than actually selling a product.

Michael’s first website was WebDesignDey, where he did the whole tutorial scene and has progressed with step by step on how to proceed with several things rather than giving just a general idea. Delivering his content in a tutorial like method brought him good results. Later his site Retire At 21 came for which WebDesignDey was set aside but later he re-did it. With the advent of the thought of doing very mediocre work like others, Michael Dunlop decided to take interview of those people who were really doing well that time.

 Not only that would provide him with good advice but also make connections with these successful entrepreneurs which may help him in future. He thinks once you know people personally it becomes easier to sell your products. He used to send emails first and then request them to give an interview. But he thinks that the first email should be an impressive one and must make you feel personal.

His website Retire At 21 started to attract 1000 visitors a day which finally got over 50,000 visitors.

Turning point in his career of blogging

The launching of his most successful website called Income Diary was a turning point that changed his career a lot. With an idea that came before a week and spending two full days to install the blog, Michael Dunlop started his blog Income Diary. Once he launched the site he was looking for someone to interview for it. From the very beginning he was aiming to earn more from the site. He thought unless he could earn more he can’t afford on advertising. So without earning $1000 a month he aimed to make $10,000 a month and making it higher and higher.

Idea behind creating IncomeDiary.com

When people started asking him about how to create a blog, how to earn online money etc., the idea of delivering these contents in the best way possible through e-course clicked his mind. Michael has always been very inventive and thus he started off with his new blog IncomeDiary.com, where he used to find a problem, create the solution and finally build them. This principle of him, hit a huge success and he was quite appreciated by many.

Business strategies followed by Michael Dunlop

Michael thinks that to start with the work initially, it is important that at every step you have to be careful to write something different from others. If everyone has the same content then where lays your specialty? You have to supply different contents with a new style to stand out in the crowd.

Michael thinks that, one of the most important issues while starting a website with links to other sites is that people visiting your website should not go to other blogs instead of clicking your ads or affiliate links or signing up your newsletter. To stop this, he started playing Crazy Egg, software which tells where people are clicking and what is happening. He added a green stop sign which brought those visitors into his list until he provides something to them. This strategy brought a huge difference in his business.

He thinks people putting advertising on your websites must earn from your site as it promotes an affiliate offer. And it’s always better to go with the affiliate group.

A good content will surely make your site well-known and people will start sharing it on social networking sites. And once you get the traffic you have to monetize it and or affiliate marketing. If you are new blogger affiliate marketing will earn you money.
He thinks earning money from blogging is not as easy as people think. You have to really word hard to make it a success and also have to be passionate in what you are writing. Enjoying the hard work is the key to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Aspects of blogging
Michael always feels like doing things whatever and whenever he likes. So when he feels to work hard he works or else sometimes he takes a leave for about a week also. But obviously not working for a week may lower your income as he thinks posting every day brings loads of traffic.
Michael’s principles

Michael thinks that attending seminars and workshops could make you learn a lot. He himself used to attend one seminar each year. Hearing from different speakers could make you more knowledgeable than buying more products. Not only that, attending seminars and all could build your contacts to help your business grow larger.

Michael’s favorites

He likes to eat roasted chicken and orange juice is his favorite drink. Apart from staying on keyboard, Michael like sports because it keeps you fit and active as also helps in blood circulation of your body.
If he was not a blogger then today Michael would be doing some business or the other because he has always thought of doing something entrepreneurial. He might have started with a market store. But this young online entrepreneur is now a source of motivation to many housewives and students to earn extra cash while working from home.
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How young Blogger Michael Dunlop Earn Millions by Blogging at the age of 20 - Part II How young Blogger Michael Dunlop Earn Millions by Blogging at the age of 20 - Part II Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on January 27, 2013 Rating: 5

How to Earn money Blogging online like Young Entrepreneur Michael Dunlop who became millionaire blogger at the age of 20 - Part I

The story of Michael Dunlop, his blogging career and how he made online money is really an interesting as also a motivating one to many of us.  Just at the age of 20, Michael started earning a full time income from the internet. Starting at the age of 16 and have been fortunate to interview some big personalities and get in contact with them, Michael Dunlop now is one of the top most young online entrepreneurs earning a huge amount of money.

The most popular site created by Michael is IncomeDiary.com. Before creating this site other sites like RetireAt21.com and WebDesign blog earned him a handsome income but that was not something remarkable.  He has always aimed to earn a six figure income and that has motivated him to improve the content of his writing every time so that his sites get a huge traffic.

Creation of IncomeDiary.com

The idea to solve the problems of the society has led Michael to launch the site, IncomeDiary.com.  When people used to ask him about how to create a blog or how to earn from internet, the idea of creating a new blog came to his mind. Michael thought why not share his own experiences on internet to let others gather some knowledge. At the same time it will inspire many to start writing and bring out their own thoughts and expressions.

During a seminar Michael along with his friends helped people to set up their own blogs and this way he earned $200 which made him to think to create an e-course to help people to learn how to blog.

What Michael believes

Michael firmly believes that starting up a business in blogging is not that easy as people think they are. Initially he has found people posting their writings regularly but once they start earning, the publishing of posts gradually becomes less frequent. According to Michael Dunlop in order to earn a handsome income you should first give people what they are looking for, which in turn will generate your income in terms of value.
He himself got excited to earn $10 a day with Google Adsense, but he never stopped there. Today this figure is much higher and still he is trying to increase his income.

No Leakage Rule followed by Michael Dunlop

The concept of the rules means not to allow advertisers to your site, not using links of other websites in your own website so that visitors can leave your website only by closing the browser or via an affiliate link. By promoting only affiliate products Michael started earning $2000 every month without any issue. Using this trick Michael started earning more money.

Michael tries to attract visitors by providing audio interviews in his site

Michael tries to display the audio in his blog by using Podcasting Plugin and also get the audios transcribed by CastingWords to enable people to listen the audio. Such display of audios help him a lot in search engines because he tries to make his contents rich in keywords.
Michael also uses WP-Contract Form, for creating a contract form in his website which he thinks is simple and perfect. Comment Notifier he uses for alerting people who subscribes and to know their comments. He uses All in One SEO Pack also for helping the search engines to optimize the blog.

Promoting the right products

Michael thinks recommending the right product is very important as your income is dependent on it. A great product along with a great customer service could offer a great affiliate deal. He offered his best services to make people pay more. He brought all his domains through GoDaddy to promote them whenever blogs are created for clients and friends. Michael uses HostGator to put his name behind them. This way he got the monetary success he was looking for. He thinks to promote something that you yourself believe in it.

Certain improvisations to the site raised his dividend

Adding a custom homepage to drive the visitors to the actual places on the site and also a thank you page on the site for those signing up for the e-course increased his earnings gradually. He has decided to make his site bullet proof that is providing every single aspect that a site needs to have, to earn maximum.

Where Michael Dunlop stands at present

At present, before waking up, Michael earns what a person earns in a full day or a week. Average tweets he gets on his site is 100 times every day. About 5000 people have taken his free e-course to learn how to make online money and he broke into the top 20,000 websites, which was quite a big target.

Michael has always tried to do something different in his site. For this initially he started taking interviews of great people so that his visitors can get the best piece of advice. Secondly he always tried to inspire others from his writings. Thus his hard work and certain tricks has been the key to make him earn from $0 to $ 100,000 per year.

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How to Earn money Blogging online like Young Entrepreneur Michael Dunlop who became millionaire blogger at the age of 20 - Part I How to  Earn money Blogging online like Young Entrepreneur Michael Dunlop who became millionaire blogger at the age of 20 - Part I Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on January 25, 2013 Rating: 5

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Best Health Affiliate Sell Health - Monetize your Blog with High Affiliate commission Best Health Affiliate Sell Health - Monetize your Blog with High Affiliate commission Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on January 17, 2013 Rating: 5

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