Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Freelance Academic writing jobs - Earn up to $30 per order

If you love to Work from home or you are a freelance writer then you should try High Paid Academic writing jobs. Academic Writers Online is looking for talented, skilled writers to join their website and get their Academic writing jobs done.
How much they pay for the Freelance Academic writing job -

Academic writers Online pays well enough and competitive rates in the niche. You can earn as much as $15 per page depending upon the urgency and academic level of the assignment. Where as you can earn $30 for writing 3 page Masters Level essay due in 10  - 24 Hours.

Though the price for each order is fixed but you can bid for higher prices and can acquire them. Generally the price for each order depends upon the -
  • Urgency/Deadline
  • Level of writing
  • Number of pages
  • Required research/Availability of materials
You will get paid through Paypal or Western Union

Where to apply -

Simply visit  - and hit apply button.

1 comments: is just another name for
Most academic writing sites have a pretty strong bias against writers from non-english speaking countries. If u doubt me, check up listen to the comments. So much hate is there today, too bad we don't have the technology to generate energy from hate. We could have probably supplied the entire galaxy with energy.

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