How Catherine Cook has become Young Successful Online Entrepreneur

Only at the age of 15, an idea to create an internet based yearbook clicked in the mind of Catherine Cook. With the help of her elder brother Geoff and along with her other elder brother Dave, Catherine built a new website called MyYearbook in 2005 which has now reached out to millions of people worldwide.

This is not only interesting but also amazing to know how she managed to attract such a huge number of members of her website in a short span of time.

Starting Up with MyYearbook

While Catherine was 15 years old and her brother Dave was just 16, they were going through high school year books and were thinking about signing to other’s yearbook. With this thought they came up with an idea of creating an online electronic yearbook by using technology to communicate with their other classmates.

To help out in the process of creating a new website Catherina’s elder brother Geoff, who is a Graduate from Harvard and also a web entrepreneur lend $250,000 to start with the business. Thus getting the financial help as also his expertise, Catherina and her brother Dave started the new website named MyYearbook.com. Being new to high school and with the desire to know their friends better, Catherine and Dave founded a new way out.

Initial Success of MyYearbook

Initially the website was only viewed and enjoyed by high school kids in New Jersey. But a few months later after a merger with a quiz site called Zenhex.com, MyYearbook witnessed a tremendous growth over 44% in the months of November & December 2005. Catherine and her brother were looking for investors but it was difficult to find someone who would let the creative control in the hands of these young founders.

In the year 2006 Catherine and Dave got the financial support of $4.1 million from the U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital, which ranked MyYearbook as one of the top sites for youngsters aged between 12 to 17 by Nielsen NetRankings.

Present Status of MyYearbook 

After getting into the partnership with Arkadium, Flash based games were added to the website. Again Meebo instant messaging and Chatter in 2009 and an iPhone/iPod Touch together with the Android application being designed to bring Chatter to mobile devices have made the website even more popular.

Today 80 employees are working hard to make MyYearbook more famous by introducing newer games and features. At present it is ranked in the top 25 most trafficked website in United States earning 20 million dollars yearly.

Specially built for high school students, the website has more than 5 million members with the growing number of 20,000 members in each day. And most of the users today are taking part in website development.

Users use the website for free and the main source of revenue is from advertising sales. Though Catherine never discloses the exact income but her website earns a seven figure income.

Secret behind the Success

The secret behind this success is by widgetizing all the content of the site and also by meeting the various demands of the users. Catherine’s contribution towards developing the website is immense. She desires to make MyYearbook such a place where people with similar interest and age find themselves as also they could find a life partner.

Whenever a new feature is made it is immediately posted to other sites like Facebook, MySpace, Xanga etc. to make people aware of MyYearbook. These features are the users’ ideas and thus by listening to users’ MyYearbook has reached the pick of success.

What Catherine Believes

Being a 20 year old junior at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and studying marketing operations, information management and psychology, Catherine takes out time for MyYearbook, the headquarter of which is in Pennsylvania.

In order to make a social networking site Catherine believes to stay true to any one group. She thinks besides giving your users, friends, offer something more interesting to the users. For example her own website is specially designed for teenagers while Linkendine on the other hand is another site very helpful to professionals. As per Catherine, the guidance of a suitable mentor is very essential for being a successful entrepreneur as she has got every professional help from her elder brother Geoff, without him she thinks it would have become tougher.

Though at times it becomes difficult to give time for her site after managing studies and other responsibilities but somehow she manages as she never gives up easily. In order to become a successful entrepreneur she thinks taking professional advice from others and utilizing them for your betterment is very important.

Future Plans of Catherine

Catherine always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur like her elder brother Geoff, who first started his own company while in college and now a successful business person. After completing her graduation she plans to expand MyYearbook and also interested to so something more. But she will never give up on being an entrepreneur as it’s like her dreams come true.

She doesn’t spend much upon herself and whatever money she earns she spends on textbooks and on her website.

Being such a confident person at a young age, Catherine Cook truly motivates others to do something on their own.

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Work from home Earn online by sharing and uploading files on internet

If you are interested to start a home-based business, internet is the best medium you can opt for. There are immense possibilities of earning online money from the various techniques and opportunities that the global network is offering these days. Various types of jobs available on the web are content writing, blogging, filling out surveys for cash rewards and so on. Among these one of the most popular ways of getting paid online is get paid by sharing and uploading files on internet.

Earn dollars by sharing and uploading files on internet -

Many people are earning a decent income by sharing and uploading files. Though it may sound a little strange but it’s true that every time you upload a file whether mp3, doc, pdf, video etc there are few genuine websites that really pay you. What you have to do is to upload a file and send the download link to your friends and acquaintances. Again every time an individual downloads that file you get a few cents. And thus you will be paid for each download of your files. The more the download, the more you can earn.

Important points to consider for making online money by uploading and sharing files on internet are traffic, trend, visitor’s location and the size of the file. To save the time of downloading and uploading, use FTP tool to upload the files faster.

Ideas to earn more money for every download :

In order to make more money, try to choose popular files like video games, music videos, video media etc and share the link on community sites, comments and forums and this way try to promote these files. There are many websites that may pay you up to 20 dollars for 1000 file downloads. Thus uploading and sharing files on internet could generate high revenue within a short span of time.

List of some good websites which pay you for uploading and sharing files on internet :

  1. Docstoc.com
  2. Depositfiles.com
  3. Uploading.com
  4. Crocko.com
  5. Shareapic.net
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Work from home online is a genuine money earning opportunity

Make money online or Make money online from home is one of the most searched keywords over the internet. So, if you are searching for one such genuine resource of online earning then get assured that you are not alone who are worrying about this. There are hundreds of legitimate earning options available online starting from low experience required to high talented jobs online to make money from home.

What you should know while earning money online?

But before we delve into details about online earning or money making options, a little clarification required that while there are hundreds and hundreds of genuine online earning options and more scopes are being searched every day, there are even more scams that are being designed every day to get you trap with their unmatched promises and offers to earn online. Many people are always fallen trap every day just because of their greed to make quick money online. But remember that there is no short cut to success and there is nothing like quick money making online scheme.

Earn from home – be a web entrepreneur.

So, if you are serious about starting your career as a web-entrepreneur, then first of all you need to hold your patience and learn the fact that earning legitimate money is possible but there is no quick money. It is advisable that you should opt for all the available options to earn from your home.

Through this website an effort has been made to discuss every single options available options online for earning. We have also taking pain to disclose the online money earning scams to the possible extent, but we need your co-operation for that. It is also advisable that yo should check out the reviews online before joining any earning program online to escape the traps. Next assured that you can try some of the best online money making options and ideas listed on this website.
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Online Success story of Gina Trapani - An Extremely Dedicated Blogger and Web-Developer

Gina Trapani, born and brought up in Brookly, New York is now a successful blogger and web developer, who works mostly online and has published some books and articles in magazines also. The founding editor of Lifehacker.com, Gina has developed a powerful habit of getting things done immediately, which has been the key to her success as an online entrepreneur.

At present she resides in San Diego, California and works as a web programmer and freelance tech writer. Gina writes about software and productivity and her credentials and dedication towards her work brought all the success she deserves.

Started with blogging:

While living in New York, Gina used to work at an office located about 2 miles north of the World Trade Center. Like every other individual her life also changed after the horrifying September 11th attack at World Trade Center. Witnessing the attack so closely and losing a family friend in the accident had a great impact on Gina. While reading the day’s experience in the blogs of her friends and relatives, she thought of writing something on her own besides the main coverage. This way in December 2001, Gina Trapani started writing her own personal blog.

Getting involved with Lifehacker.com:

While working as a programmer for a couple of years with the founder of Lifehacker’s publisher, Nick Denton, Gina was offered to write as a blogger at Lifehacker.com. Though she had never tried writing professionally before, she accepted the offer cheerfully. This is how she stepped in with Lifehacker.com and became the founder editor.

Till September 2005, Gina was the sole blogger of the website but right now she has 3 co-editors named Adam Pash, the senior editor; Rick Broida, associate editor and Wendy Boswell, the weekend editor. Adam, who was a regular reader and used to comment on every post, was hired because of his knowledge while Rick and Wendy who used to work as guest editors have been absorbed as permanent employees.

Work schedule of Gina and her co-editors:

Gina writes about 6 posts on each weekday regarding productivity of items around the web and also takes care to write two feature-length original articles every week. Her co-editors also write 6 posts everyday and atleast 1-2 feature articles per week. Besides these they do frequently post reviews on each other’s writing and keep an internal editorial wiki for their own guide and documentation. Every week they meet and chat to brainstorm feature ideas.

To update the site for about 20 times per weekday and to publish atleast one feature article every week day is the main goal of Gina and her team. Every day Gina Trapani spends most of her time in researching, writing posts, replying to mails, interacting with readers and managing the co-editors. Planning for new posts and articles are some important things which she has to decide.

Like the writer of a magazine gets paid per word, Gina also gets paid like them. But for feature stories in magazines, that require much hard work to get the traffic, she gets a higher rate.

Her ideas for new posts and blogging tools:

Gina usually get the new ideas for her posts either from the comments of existing posts on Lifehacker, tips in the mail box or from opinions and thoughts of her friends and family.

Some important blogging tools that she uses are:

  1. Gmail for regular mails
  2. Google Reader for RSS feeds
  3. Google Analytics to get a statistics of traffic
  4. Firefox with some extensions
  5. AutoHotKey and TextExpander for making blog markup easy

Building a few bookmarklets and Greasemonkey scripts help to generate post types while searching archives prevent duplicate postings.

Her believes:

Gina Trapani believes that in order to have a profitable blog, select your favorite topic and start writing on it just like she did with Lifehacker. Secondly she thinks its utmost important to cater the needs of your readers and provide them the most useful information they are looking for and make your writings entertaining and interesting to your readers. And finally check the response you are getting from your readers. She thinks building your own audience will automatically bring you the money.

But in order to get into a job blogging at a blog she thinks building your own blog is a must. So that while applying for a job, pointing out the most impressive posts could bring an impact on your employers before hiring you.

Gina’s guiding principles:

Gina thinks once you get stuck while writing a post, it is better to leave that and concentrate on other works. She also thinks if your ideas are not coming instantly while writing it must be a wrong topic that you have chosen.

With the habit of doing every job as soon as it comes up, Gina never feels lazy to do it then and there. Even at a grocery shop if something comes to her mind, she immediately takes out the pen and paper to jot down the points or send an email through her mobile. She never delays to give response to her readers nor does she bookmark an important web page to work on it later. She has developed this powerful habit and by practice she has managed to put right things at the right place instead of having random stuff here and there.
Gina doesn’t agree with the old school of time management. She remains open to work for something that seems exciting and interesting even besides regular work schedule. But she obviously maintains a list of work she has to do. She updates and reviews it daily.

Gina loves to work on two modes, one is loose or open and the other is closed or focused. While working in an open mode she keeps her available for surfing, writing, checking mails, coding and even listening to music as the things get done. But while working on a closed mode she stops checking mails and close other windows and simply focus on the work she is about to complete within the deadline set.
Being so much involved with her work, Gina always tries to keep a day free for her own. At least at one weekend day, she stays away from computer, no email, no writing but only checking movie times, relaxing and spending time with family.

Her dream set-up:

She dreams to have a computer that would start with at least a terabyte of hard disc storage and 10 GB RAM. She dreams to make it fold to a wallet size that could easily fit in her pocket but to unfold it into a 50 inch touchscreen to watch movies or use it as a white board when needed. She imagines that the computer would stay cool even on a 90 degree day to make her car cool. She wants this super-fast computer to work without any electricity and also to run an operating system like Windows, OS X.

Besides being a web developer, Gina has written books about the Lifehacker philosophy and articles for popular Science, Wired, Women’s Health, PC World and Macworld. Her sincerity and dedication which she has developed is very much inspiring and motivating to others to be a successful blogger like her.
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How to earn online by Selling/Flipping Expired Domains

These days, large numbers of individuals rely on the internet for making money online. Undoubtedly, the internet offers a wide array of ways using which one can make money online. However, it is not possible for an individual to be efficient in all ways. Thus, it is essential for you to figure out in which area you can perform well and make handsome amount of money.

Out of the different, earn from home ideas some ideas are highly popular and individuals do not face difficulty while working on them. However, people do not understand some of the recently launched ways of making money online easily. It has been seen that large numbers of people say that they earn enough money from flipping expired domains but a few of them only know the basic rule of this market.

If you want to become a web entrepreneur by dealing with expired domains then it is mandatory to get familiar with the basic rules of the industry. It would greatly help you in becoming successful in this field and make good amount of money too.

What are Expired Domains?

The work of flipping expired domains begins with an understanding of expired domains. Expired domains are those domains that are not being used by their owner anymore. You must know that domain registration has to be renewed mostly on a yearly basis. However, if one does not renew domain registration then it is included under the category of expired domains.

Now we come to the phrase flipping of expired domains. Flipping means reselling the expired domain name to another user and earns profit from it. Surely, by now you must be clear with the basic concept of flipping expired domains and how it is useful in making money online.

Be Active on Market of Flipping Expired Domains

Initially you might face some difficulty in this market but with the passage of time, you would be able to get familiar with all strategies and tactics. One would be amazed to know that large numbers of domains expire every single day. If you want to make good amount of money in this field then you have to be active in buying these expired domains the moment they are made available.

Which Expired Domain to Choose?

If you think that buying any domain name would be profitable then you need to think again. While choosing the domain name you should consider factors such as:

  • Age of the domain – the age of the domain should be taken into consideration while buying it. If some domain name has been used for longer duration of time then you should give it more preference over domain with short age span. 
  • Time for which it has been expired – the time for which the domain name has been expired is again of importance when choosing a domain for flipping.
  • Search Engine Rank – the rank of the website should also be considered when purchasing it for making profits. A website with good search engine ranking should always be bought.

Surely, by considering all these facts and tips you would be able to make large sums of money through flipping expired domains.
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How to Earn from Expired Domains? - The 3 Best Ways

 Earning money online sitting at home by buying and selling expired domain names is a hot money making idea today. If you have little idea about how it works, you can easily earn handsome passive income from internet. If you browse through Google, you will find hundreds of successful stories of people who have got rich over night investing in expired domains.

All you need to know is -
  • Which domains should you purchase?
  • How to make money from these expired domains?
Though experience is the only tool that will help you win any battle still to keep the answer simple, there are few simple strategies that you need to follow. Some tips for buying expired domains are as below.

  • Keep an close eye on popular websites. The owners of such websites sometimes shift their business to new domain names or left it for some personal problems. If you are lucky enough then you will get one such domain name that can make you rich over night.
  • Always look for SEO friendly expired domain names. These expired domains attract traffic which will earn you money.
  • If you can manage buying any domain that was previously scored high page rank will work even better.
How to make money from expired domains -  3 best ways:

Here are the 3 tips to make money from the expired domains purchased by you.
  1. If you have purchased high traffic expired domain then it is wise to get the domain registered with some free domain parking companies. These companies will show ads on those parked domains. As obvious, the high traffic will click on those ads to help you earning revenue.
  2. Investing on expired domains is something like investing on Real Estate market. The best domain names with more age is always a priority for SEO masters as these domains perform well on Search Engine. So, the catch is that be wise in selecting the best domain names, hold the domain in your possession for some time or even a year and then sold them at higher prices.
  3. Domain forwarding is another good strategy of making money from expired domains. If you have your own blog or website, just purchase some domains with the keywords in their name that are best match to your blog or website niche. While purchasing the domain take care that these keywords are really capable of attracting traffic. All you need to forward those domains to your website. Thus you will get 2 fold benefit. The already existing visitors of that domain along with new visitors will increase the traffic and hence revenue generating potential of your website.
Before purchasing any domain, judge their link popularity in any major search engine by typing their domain name. Once you catch the real strategy of this expired domain gaming, you can really make money overnight.

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Earn Part time Money Online by Answering Questions Using Your Skills

Getting paid for answering questions online is a new way to earn online money. So if you are an expert on a particular topic or have a sound knowledge on multiple topics, earning from home by answering to questions is an easy method to earn some extra cash. Sharing your knowledge and advice on your favorite subject is what you have to do for getting paid.

Companies paying for answering queries asked in forums

These days’ companies are maintaining a forum where different queries are being asked by the members. Since the officials remain busy in their work it becomes impossible for them to answer thousands of queries and thus they are hiring experts who are well versed and acquainted with a particular subject and willing to answer every question asked and discussed in the forum. This way the company can maintain its reputation as also satisfy its customers. Experts hired for answering the queries are being well paid by these companies.

Tips to earn money by answering question online

Choose the topic in which you have an in-depth knowledge
Try to answer for highly paid questions. People in need of an urgent reply pay more
Don’t answer a query if you are not absolutely sure. If you are not certain don’t reply otherwise a wrong answer may damage your reputation

How to start with

Search the genuine websites that will pay for sharing your knowledge. Then start submitting your applications to those websites where you could share your thoughts and opinions and convince them that hiring you will be beneficial as you can provide excellent information.
Getting paid by answering questions on internet is easy but it really depends on your knowledge and ability to research something new. All you need is to use help others to solve their problems by using your skills.

Genuine websites that pay you for answering questions online are:

  • chacha.com
  • liveperson.com
  • webanswers.com
  • studentquestions.com
  • justanswer.com

Earn Part time Money Online by Answering Questions Using Your Skills Earn Part time Money Online by Answering Questions Using Your Skills Reviewed by Gyaan Arjan [ ज्ञान अर्जन ] on February 08, 2013 Rating: 5
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