Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Work from home Earn online by sharing and uploading files on internet

If you are interested to start a home-based business, internet is the best medium you can opt for. There are immense possibilities of earning online money from the various techniques and opportunities that the global network is offering these days. Various types of jobs available on the web are content writing, blogging, filling out surveys for cash rewards and so on. Among these one of the most popular ways of getting paid online is get paid by sharing and uploading files on internet.

Earn dollars by sharing and uploading files on internet -

Many people are earning a decent income by sharing and uploading files. Though it may sound a little strange but it’s true that every time you upload a file whether mp3, doc, pdf, video etc there are few genuine websites that really pay you. What you have to do is to upload a file and send the download link to your friends and acquaintances. Again every time an individual downloads that file you get a few cents. And thus you will be paid for each download of your files. The more the download, the more you can earn.

Important points to consider for making online money by uploading and sharing files on internet are traffic, trend, visitor’s location and the size of the file. To save the time of downloading and uploading, use FTP tool to upload the files faster.

Ideas to earn more money for every download :

In order to make more money, try to choose popular files like video games, music videos, video media etc and share the link on community sites, comments and forums and this way try to promote these files. There are many websites that may pay you up to 20 dollars for 1000 file downloads. Thus uploading and sharing files on internet could generate high revenue within a short span of time.

List of some good websites which pay you for uploading and sharing files on internet :


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