Friday, July 27, 2012

Freelance writing jobs - Tech writers required $50 for 800 words

If you are a Tech Freelance writer and love to read and write about latest Computer Tweaks/ Tips and tricks then here is a golden opportunity to write for WorldStart and get paid for writing Computer Tips for their readers.

Freelance Tech Writing jobs
A short Review about WorldStart Tech writing job -

WorldStart is a Best Tech Tips and Daily Deals Newsletter on Internet. The latest tech tips are published on this website on daily basis for its reader base of 300,000 who are interested to learn about smart handling their PC and its accessories or fixing the problem.

Tech Tips writing guidelines for the freelance tech writing job -

With a large Tech readers database, WorldStart is inviting writers to submit Computer Tips and Tricks related articles are new and not already published on their website. The tips should be written in simple language to help the readers understand considering that there are a large section of new readers who are daily joining this website and are not so tech savvy.

All the submitted articles should be associated with related screenshots to help the readers understand the exact message the article is trying to conveying them.

How much you will get paid for writing Tech articles ? -

Getting paid for submitting tech articles on WorldStarts is at various levels depending upon your Article length and quality submission -
  • Approximately 250 words-$25.00
  • Approximately 400 words-$40.00
  • Approximately 600 words-$45.00
  • Maximum length is approximately 800 words-$50.00
But it should be kept in mind that your article should not be padded to reach maximum word length to earn more. The article should have something informative, interesting peice of information through its length to get it approved for publishing.

All the submitted articles will undergo strong review to check the genuinity of the article and duplicate publication.

For complete details, please visit -

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Get paid $60 for writing 600 words articles about how to make more money doing what you love....writing!

Since you are a freelance writer, you must be looking for some more ways of increasing your earnings or you already have the ways that have helped you earn more by writing. So are the lots of freelance writers who are willing to get paid for writing jobs and make their living from writing jobs.

WritersWeekly is looking for freelance writers who can write sparking articles on make living - writing and get paid $60 for writing 600 words.
  1. how to make more money doing what you love....writing!
  2. Home based business and self employement related to writing.
A short review about this freelance writing job -

WritersWeekly is not an online blog where you will get paid writing blog posts for them, instead it is an Online publication that is distributed among their paid subscribers. WritersWeekly purchase articles from freelance writers for publishing them on 2 different publications namely - and The Write Markets Report.

Their requirement -

Writersweekly is looking for articles on how freelancers can make more money writing what they love to, they are also interested in articles related to Home based business and self employment related to writing such as self-publishing, corporate writing, ghostwriting, etc.

Guidelines for article submission -

The minimum length for the article should be 600 words. The articles should high quality and should have tips and ideas included to help writers make more money from their writing.

How much you can earn

The articles that will be accepted for publication along with non-exclusive electronic rights will be paid $60 per article.

How to submit -

The writers should Submit query with credits by e-mail to

For more details about this writing job, please visit -

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get paid $100 for writing Tutorial and $50 for List based Articles

Yes, you have read the title absolutely write - Get paid $100 for writing 1000 words Tutorial and $50 for List based articles.

Developers Tutorial is constantly seeking fresh and cutting edge online guides about Programming and Designing to keep their readers up-to-date with new and emerging technologies. And in an effort to get constant supply of such articles, Developertutorials invites knowledgeable freelance tech writers to produce high quality unique guides / Tutorials and submit them and get paid for writing them.

Tech writers required $100 per article
A little review about the Tech writing job -

Developers Tutorial is a reputed name for online Tech Tutorials. The website strives to offer their readers with the most up-to-date information about the latest Tech. innovations and tutorials to handle them easily.

Their expectations from you as a writer -

Developers Tutorial invites all the knowledgeable writers to write down tutorials about the latest Tech developments and submit them to get paid for writing.

Writer's guidelines -

The Tutorials should be unique, high quality, about fresh and latest Tech developments and must be written in a simple language to make the readers easily understandable and interesting to read.
Minimum word count should be 1000 words. All the articles that will be published will contain your author Byline offering you the opportunity to increase your exposure to the online community besides making a handsome money for every article submitted by you.

DevelopersTutorials is also looking for some articles related to some cool listing stuffs like "30 Awesome Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials", "30 Cool Web Tools to Make Your Development Easier" etc.

How much you can earn -

DevelopersTutorials pays high writing rates for the best articles offered. The rates are as mentioned below -
  • $50-$100 per Tutorial
  • $30-$50 per List Based Article

The best part of their payment is that the payment system is so swift that your Paypal account will be credited every time your article will get published.

Build your reputation -

DevelopersTutorial being a Tech tutorial website, it receives a high volume of online visitors every day. Since the website offers you the opportunity to publish a Author byline below every article, you will have the opportunity to get exposed before a large online tech community to know about your writing skills.

So, if you think that you can produce a high quality Tech tutorial or List based articles, then you can enjoy your exposure and get paid for writing them.

For more details please visit -

Monday, July 16, 2012

Earn from Blogging - several ways apart from AdSense

When it comes to Blogging, the very 1st thing that a blogger will tell you is that AdSense is the Money mine and the more you digg on your blog the more money you can earn from AdSense. But the fact is that several million online users consider this is a quick rick money game and start blogging and you will be surprised to know that the quit ratio is about 80% between every 3rd to 8th month of Blogging. - WHY?

The answer is simple and has 2 parts.
  1. AdSense is never a quick rich Money scheme.
  2. They don't know anything except AdSense about how to earn from Blogging.

So before you start blogging, you should have to chalk out the ways of earning if you fails making money from AdSense.

So, let us have a look at several other ways of making money from blog -

Note whatever is the source of income you are expecting, you must have traffic on your blog. And "How to generate traffic on your blog?" is a different topic that I will discuss some other day.

  1. Lots of other AdNetwork - There are several other adNetwork that also pays well if you even have an average traffic on your blog.
    Earn from Ad Networks
  2. Sell your own ad Space direct to the clients - Blogging offers you independence of selling your ad Space directly to the sponsors at your own set price. You need not to depend upon the pennies per click set by the various ad Networks. But be sure to make your blog popular among readers before approaching any direct sponsors.

  3. Make affiliate money from your blog - Among lots of other ways of making money from blogging, a very popular way among affiliates around the world to use their blog to promote their affiliate products and make tonns of money. If you don't know anything about affiliate programs, then learn "How to make money from online affiliate sales?"
    Earn from affiliate Marketing
  4. Sell your own eBooks on your blog - Lots of writers are there who are not only getting popular for their blogs but has found that their own blog performs best than any other auction website to sell their own written eBooks. The best part is that you can set higher price for the eBooks written by you and sell it on your blog without competing others like any other auction site. Another advantage that you will enjoy is that by selling the eBook on your self published blog, your readers and fans can guess the quality and information inside the eBook as they are already enjoying your blog and they have trust on you about "What they are going to get next in the eBook".

    Sell your eBook on your Blog
  5. Make money writing for others on your blogs - Blogging need not be always about some special niche that has good paying keywords include within. There are several websites like Payperpost where you can register your blog and can make money writing for what clients will pay you writing for them or their products and services on your own blog.
    Make money writing for others
  6. Sell Merchandise - If something is really cool about your blog like your blog logo, or some phrase that has been much appreciated by your readers, then put them on a Coffee cup or T-shirt and sell them on online stores like So, your blog can be a great way to make something popular but it should be your own original creativity and once it is popular, just sell them as merchandise and make money.
    sell merchandise and make money online
  7. Passive blog money - Some people have their offline services or products for sale. They use to write blog and interact with more and more readers to make them aware of every little details about their product and service. This way, they advertise their products and service and increase their sales by getting online orders to make more money using their blog.

  8. Earn from paid membership on your blog - If you have some expertise and you can really offer great information about some specific niche then the all you need is to keep updating those information on your blog. The blog should have 2 types of access rights where some of the posts will be displayed in public whereas some important should be private which will help you earn money. You need to share your valuable information posts that are available to public among various social networking sites to increase your blog's readership. Once you have established your expertise then you can ask your readers to register for paid membership to access the more valuable information on your site which are available as private access posts.
  9. Sell your blog - Many bloggers are surprisingly earning tonns of money just by selling their blogs. Generally they pick some hot niche to blog upon. They put fresh and valuable contents related to that niche and promote them to increase its readership and also follow the strategies to increase the page rank. After few months they just sell it at very high price. Since such hot niche are always, in demand you can sell them. But remember that you should be active on social networking to promote the blog before selling it.

This may not be the end. Blogs are increasing, bloggers are increasing day by day. People are coming up with really new ideas to make money from their own blogs and they are really earning millions online. So, you may have your own idea about making money from your blog.

If you have any idea, please share it with our reader community. Just drop me a comment and I will invite you for a guest post on my blog.

Freelance writing jobs at Demand Media Studios - $15 per 300 words

Expert Freelance writers with college degree in Journalism, English and Communication have a great opportunity to apply and join Demand Media Studios for eHow writing jobs. The pay rate is $15 per 300 words.

Freelance writing jobs at Demand Media Studios
Demand Media studio is looking for Home and Garden Writing jobs (Degree or certification in any home or garden area) will get preference.

Note - Demand Media Studios frequently does background checks to verify the accuracy of resumes. Falsifying a resume or impersonating another person is grounds for immediate dismissal from our system, and is a prosecutable offense.

A short Review about the Demand eHow job (Demand Media Studios)

Demand Media Studios is a renowned name online and one of the popular online media who produces tonns of informative articles and videos on eHow that are being most visited and read by people in United States and around the world.

About the Home and Gardening writing job -

eHow has lots of recent assignments on Home and Gardening. The variety of topics will allow you to show your talent as writer by combining your experience with knowledge to write informative and instructional articles.

All the articles submitted by you will pass through high editorial checking to meet their standards to check whether you have real experience or you are just writing them with a collection of materials available online.

******Please don't apply if you are such a writer who do writing jobs based on searching some articles on Google, Yahoo and interpret them in your own words into a fresh article. In that case, your contents will be simply rejected. *****

You should have real knowledge and experience to write on such topics and meet their redear's expectation standards.

You should have the knowledge over varieties of topics on gardening basics. plant care, landscaping, indoor plants, gardening tools and equipment and garden projects and crafts.

However you must have some expert knowledge on Home Topics that cover an array of DIY projects, such as home design and d├ęcor, construction, restoration, renovation, home organization, home and holiday crafts and projects.

So, apply only if you belongs to those fields and have real experience to produce real quality contents.

Why you should join Demand Media Studios -

Joining Demand Media Studios and writing for eHow will simply means that you are going to increase your online exposure by reaching about 10millions of people every month as your articles will include your byline which will help you to exploit your online existence.

How much you can earn

Demand Media Studios pays a highly competitive and satisfactory rate of $15 per 300 words. The payment will reach your Paypal account twice a week without any delay.

So, if you have real experience from those fields, feel free to write for eHow, Visit -

Friday, July 13, 2012

Why bloggers turns millionaires but writers are just earning pennies

There are no dearth of online evidences that bloggers are turning millionaires at very young age of 21 or something like this and later, but an experienced writer who is engaged in Freelance writing job or Full time writing job in any company are just making their living out of their skills.

Earn millions from blogging

Yes, some of you may claim that as a Freelance writer you are earning handsome and makes more than your living but do you really admit that from the core of your heart? Do you really got what you worth?

Now, think out of the box -

Being a quality writer does not means that you will be rich writing for Pennies for your clients even if you are getting paid $30 for $200 per page or earning $1500 or more per day. Do you know why?

Just think about it, the client expecting you to write for pennies or at high rate definitely going to make profit out of this after compensating the amount they paid you. Now here is the main thing that comes into play.
Every re-usable thing on this earth has a value and after reusing it several times the price money will get compensated and that becomes FREE for use and start pouring profit out of this.

Think out of the Box

So basically you are just helping them reaping millions for years and get yourself satisfied with pennies.

So, if you can do that for your clients why can't you do that for yourself?

I understand that you need instant money and blogging generally can't offer you instant money by using ad Networks on your blog.

Now this is where you need to start thinking out of the box. There are several ways where you can start earning without the help of such AdNetwork. I will discuss about that some other day.

But since you have came far away with your writing for clients, I will suggest you not to just give it up and jump into blogging. Just few strategies will help you to start your blog, your first step towards making millions.

You need to setup out of the box strategies to start your own blog earning. Blogging will help you earning residual income years after year and generation after generation whereas you are just getting paid once for your freelance writing for your clients and that too not much in most cases.

How to proceed your 1st step towards Blogging Millionaire without hampering your present financial status?

For freelance writers or Full time writers or whatever category you falls into, it is not actually penny that you are earning but comparing to those bloggers or comparing to what you worth, you are really making pennies.

Earn Pennies for writingSo, you have to start your own blog to put your first step towards success. But there are little differences in writing for others and writing for your own blog. You have to take wise decision about "What to Blog?".

Here I am guiding a little about how to proceed. For details about the strategies, you need to come back to my blog for more information.

Being a freelance writer you have attended several clients, their order hence you are the best person to decide for yourself what niche should you start with? What topics do you enjoy writing? And what are the topics that urge you to produce more and more creative ideas.

Now go to Google and check for those topics and also check out is there any advertisement exists on the right hand side of the Google search page for those topics. If yes then your path to Millionaire will be easy else it will be little tough. Whether you like to put AdSense ads on your blog in future or not but these Ads on Google search page helps us know that these topics are in hot demand in the market and that will help us set our strategy for out potential client.

There are lots of other ways to know about the competition about the topics but for the time being, just follow that simple strategy.

Just take out little time every day to write 1 or 2 blog post and little Social Media and promotional activities will help your blog earn you a lot and that too for ever and ever. So, you can start earning your royalty income.

So, it is up to you to keep working for pennies or taking your 1st step towards your success.

Get paid to write articles $3 to $30 for 200 words only

WritersDomain is looking for efficient short article writers who are working from home as freelance writers to submit unlimited articles and get paid for writing articles. The site offers best writing rates in the industry $3 to $30 for 200 to 250 words.

get paid for writing articlesA short review about - is a SEO company and a branch of online Marketing company who target small to medium sized business to help them increase their Search Engine ranking. Their account management team helps customer to choose keywords they like to rank for in search Engines. It is those keywords that are available on the dashboard for writing.

Eligibility - You should be proficient in English writing skills with error free grammar. You should be resident of US only. So, you should be a native writer.

How much you can earn - The good news is that here you have the opportunity for unlimited earning. As there is no limit of article submission. You can write as many articles you wish and submit them. There is no limit for minimum and maximum submission.

Your submitted articles will be graded 2 or 3 star rating and 4 or 5 star rating.

The rates will be as follow -
  1. $3 for a 2 or 3 star rating
  2. $3.30 per article for a 4 or 5 star rating

The payment is based on grading system to ensure that only quality writers will get engage with and keep encouraging the writers to submit quality articles for earning more.

So, the earning scope is unlimited and depends upon how much you want to earn.

How to start -

You need to register the site and submit a sample and wait for 2 to 3 days for approval.

So, if you are a freelance writer from U.S. you should apply to -

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Freelance writing jobs for expert ghost writers - 500 words for $150 or $1500

Lots of Expert Freelance writers are really earning several thousand dollars per month just by selling their own writing at their own set price and offering their clients different status or Rights.

Freelance writing job at your own set price (Earn thousands of dollars for 500 or more words).

Some expert writers are just making $150 or more for a single page of really unique researched writing and selling them to their clients with Full Copyrights. Some sell them with Unique rights at little less and some writers are just making lots more by selling their own content but used by many clients legitimately at little more less but the quantity of sell will accumulate several thousand dollars in their account.

Yes, you may be really surprised to know about how people are earning a lot by selling a small piece of well researched content on - your way to financial independence Legit or Scam (Review about the job )-

Constant Content is one of the most popular choice of expert writers to make their way of financial freedom. But when I am saying Expert writer, I really mean expert writer (everything comes with a cost, there is no short cut to success).

Constant-Content is a Content broker website where you can not only sell your own writing about any topic limited to the category mentioned there but you can also get a large pool of clients who are willing to pay too high than existing content writing job.

If you are really too good at English Grammar and have best writing skills in the industry to attract the clients with your unique, researched and helpful content then just hit Constant-Content and prepare your way of Financial Freedom.

Eligibility -

There is no specific eligibility except than you should be 100% perfect about Grammar, Punctuation and should have Elegant writing skills to attract clients to pay the rate you decide, whether in hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How to start process -

Step 1 -You need to sign-up for a account with your Pen name, Original Name, location, Paypal id etc asked there to fill up in the form.

Step 2 - You have to pass a small Grammar, Punctuation test and the minimum pass mark is 4/5

Too high Risk involved -

Though the Constant Content is really giving you the way of making financial freedom the way you want, allow you to set your own price but the site involves too high risk as per many and also as per the set rules to participate in the site.

It does not guarantee that if you have successfully passed the Sign up test then your account is secured. It can be terminated at any point of your life time with your slight mistake. Please make sure to visit their forum to check out what other people are saying and seeking help.

For 1st mistake in your submitted article, may be a single punctuation or small Grammar or spelling, your article will be rejected, though you may fix and re-submit it for reconsideration but after 2nd mistake your account will be banned and your Paypal account will be blocked.

The website itself maintains a forum where you will get lots of discussion from the users whose accounts has got banned.

have got no answer in the forum about what happened to the earnings of those members whose account has been banned. Perhaps, you need to register the site and ask the support team to answer that query.

Constant Content is Legit -

Banning the accounts of users does not means that the site is Scam, the site is very legit but they are just trying to filter the best to maintain the best value in the market. As I have mentioned at the beginning of my post that "Expert Freelance Writers" are really making money, so you need to be as good as those Experts.

You will find lots of testimonials on Youtube and search Engines from the experts who are selling thousands of their articles and eBooks there and earning millions.

How much you can Earn -

You are free to decide the rate of the article uploaded by you. You can sell it at different rates as per the different status of selling rights there. Clients may request you directly to write something with their offer price. Constant-Content will take their 30-35% cut from your earning straight away before paying you on your Paypal account.

So, if you are really Expert Freelance writer then you deserve more than what you are earning. Write your own article at your wish, set your own price and sell it on Constant-COntent. Also enjoy high paying clients there requesting you to write for them.

Please visit -

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Freelance writing job - Earn upto $16 per page

4writers is looking for quality Freelance Content Writers who are looking for some high paid Freelance content writing jobs working from home to apply for the content writing job.

Get paid starting from $4 up to $16 for each freelance writing job depending upon your turnaround submission time (ofcourse quality content is expected).

Freelance writing jobA short review about 4Writers and writing job - is a trusted freelance writing company registered online since 2008 providing freelance writing opportunities for home based writers to get unlimited projects at competitive writing rates in the market.

Apart from that not only pay writing rates but also offer Bonus to their writers from time to time for their best performances.

Eligibility -

4writers are looking for candidates having following degrees- Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree. with good writing skills, error free content, perfect grammar and willing to face challenging projects and rewards.

Simple steps to start earning -
  1. You need to sign up with all your information asked there and something about your freelance writing experience.
  2. 2nd step is passing a 20 minute test for answering 10 questions and a short essay.
  3. Once your test is approved you will receive your Login ID and Password.
  4. Now you can enter your id and pick orders to start earning.

How much you can earn - is offering one of the competitive writing rates in the market. Their rate varies with your turnaround submission time.

Within 7 days 4 - 10 $
Within 4 days 5 - 12 $
Within 2 days 6 - 14 $
Within 24 hours 7 - 16 $

Apart from that you will be entitled to receive Bonus as per your client's satisfaction feedback.

The payment will be done on the 18th day of each month for all orders taken between the 1st and the 30th (31st) of the previous month.

Payment will be done through Paypal and Wire Transfer

For complete details please visit -

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Earn up to USD 12,500** per month from Shaadi.Com affiliate program

If you own a blog or love writing then there is a decent option after Google AdSense to increate your earnings from blogs or website. You can opt. for affiliate programs to earn handsome earning for each referral or paid profile submission on affiliate program - is one of the World's largest and reputed Matrimonial services. It not only helps people to find right partner for their life but also offers you a lucrative earning opportunities. Lots of bloggers and website owners are successfully making their living from affiliate commissions.

How much you can earn -

Shaadi.Com offers 75% of revenue share of with an additional bonus of 25%. Some people who are participating in their affiliate program are claiming that they are earning Rs30 per profile registration through banner ads displayed on their website/ blog and Rs 900 when someone is doing paid registration. I have got some of the comments regarding this on various websites, I am attaching the comment pics here as a proof. So, you can see that there is a huge earning scope from affiliate earnings. Comment proof are shown below.

Comment 1 affiliate programComment 2

How can you earn money from - offers a affiliate registration opportunity where you can register your details as asked. Now upon successful registration you will get banner and text ad page in your account. You just have to copy the code from the code page of the banner that you find suitable for your website or blog. You can even select text ads for your blog.
These code will contain your membership id and whenever someone register by clicking on the ads containing the code with your membership number, you will get paid.

How much you can earn -

As per Shaadi affiliate site, you can earn up to USD 12,500** per month

So, its simple and easy.

The payments will be sent to you on monthly basis.

For more details visit -

Offline Typing Jobs - Earn $2.5 to $5.0 per 1000 word typing job

If you are looking for Offline Typing Job on computer then you can earn up to $625 per month just doing offline typing on computer.

Creative Jobs is offering Offline Typing jobs to their registered members, where they can pick typing projects as per their capability and can earn as per their quality and capability.

offline typing jobs

About the Offline Typing job -

Creative Job has large list of outsourcing business clients including Medical College and Universities, Business Companies, Government Departments, Health Departments and Most of the work we collect to the Educational Departments. So, they have constant requirement of candidates who are accurate in offline typing jobs.

Skills required - The candidate should have good eye-sight and expected typing speed of minimum 20 - 50 words per minute. Should have knowledge of MS- Word and related applications with basic knowledge of internet.

Payment and rate of the job -

Based on the quality of job, you can earn between $2.5 to $5 for typing per 1000 words. The payment will be done through Cheque of Paypal once the threshold limit of $25 has reached.

So, if you are the candidate who have typing skills on computer and have basic internet knowledge, please apply for this job.

Visit -

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Article writing job - a new experience of shopping your article writing job

If you love writing and looking for some online market place for content writing job then exvo offers you an entirely new experience of Article writing job and get paid for writing.

Article writing job
About Article writing job -

Exvo offers you the opportunity to work with Teams. Here you will experience something new like you have to shop your new job. Here you will get Team Store where various companies are offering positions for Article writers who have passion for their writing job.

You need to browse the Team store for the company who is offering the position that you want to register. Its like shopping experience for your writing job. Once you get it, just you need to start with the big green button there.

You have to create your Teams account correctly that will just take one minute. Be sure to put correct information.

After creating your account, you will have to add your skills, rates . Now you are very close to start writing and make money but before that you have to pass through the training process. It is recommended that you should work on real jobs. Your job will be checked by other team members and based on your performance, your account will be automatically switched from Training to Active.

Once you are active, you will start receiving projects and earn money by writing at your own set rate.

For more information, please visit -

Monday, July 2, 2012

Freelance writing jobs for Asian writers - Get paid up to $30 per page for writing

If you are a Freelance writer from Asian countries and looking for freelance writing jobs from a trustworthy reputed freelance writing company then you must grab this freelance writing job opportunity which is especially for the Asian writers. is looking for experienced freelance writers with good English and grammar to serve their clients with best rates in the industry.

freelance writing jobs - Asian writersA review about Asiawriters job opportunity -

Asiawriters ia a trust worthy name in the freelance writing industry with lots of freelance writers from Asia who are satisfactorily earning their living from this company. The site is a leading service provider in academic writing, resume writing, translation and copywriting services.

The first thing that will attract you as an Asian is their website which is clutter free and very much with Asian looks.

Eligibility for applying -

You should have either of Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D degree with you and must have good command over English with knowledge about academic writing, resume writing, translations and Copywriting jobs.

Registration process -

Step 1 -
You need to register with asiawriter website to work with them. The 1st step is simple form filling with personal details and qualifications, area of interests etc.

Step 2 -

The 2nd step is a 30 min English proficiency test which has 2 splits of 15 min each. You will get only 2 chance in-case you fail to submit within time due to internet or other problems. The 1st part of the test is related to Grammar skills and multiple choices about various Tenses.

The 2nd part or next 15 min. of the test is related to 100 to 150 words Essay writing. You will be provided the topics and keywords for the Essay.

If you qualify the English proficiency test, you are eligible to work for Asiawriters.

How much you can earn -

The website pays best rate in the industry. Though they have not mentioned the exact rate on their website but as heard from some of their writers, you can earn up to $30 per page along with an opportunity of increasing 20% increase in payment based on your writing quality and client's feedback for your work.

So, if you have the best writing skills and good command over English, please apply for -

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